Allergy Friendly Friday 12/23/11


Allergy Friendly Friday

I have an admission. I forgot today was Friday.  What? Yes, it’s true.  Amidst the last minute wrapping, and cookie baking, and running out for stocking suffers, I totally forgot what day it was.  It’s been a very busy week. I turned in the first draft of my new cookbook, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking (out November, 2012). And I scrambled across the country with my two kids and my cat (we got searched at security, not once, but twice, because I was traveling with baking ingredients, which all look VERY suspicious).  But I’m back on track, just in the nick of time. It’s still Friday, phew, and I can select a few of the choicest of all the very choice allergy-friendly Hannukah, Christmas, and Quanza recipes you’ve all posted over the past two weeks.  Thank you for your gluten-free and/or allergen-free recipe links!  They are wonderful, and inspiring, and very festive! Some fabulous allergy-free and gluten-free highlights from the last two weeks are:

Please add your allery-free and gluten-free Christmas, Hanukkah, and Quanza recipe links to Allergy-Friendly Friday. PLEASE remember you have to link back from your post, for me to feature your recipe. That means link WITH A HYPERLINK THAT LINKS BACK HERE. When you link back to this post,  you can share both your own and other’s fabulous allergy-friendly recipes. Am I repeating myself? 🙂 And remember, I specialize in creating gluten-free recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergens, but yours don’t have to be. They just have to be allergy-friendly in SOME way.


  • Please add only ONE post per blog.
  • Please LINK back to this post so that your readers can find ALL the recipes linked to here. This is a sharing page.
  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your homepage.
  • Recipes DO NOT have to be completely allergen-free, just ALLERGY-FRIENDLY in some way.
  • When you link, let us know who you are. For example, I might add  old fashioned gingersnaps (cybele



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  3. Dear Cybele,
    Thank you so much for mentioning the Applesauce Cake with Cherries and Walnuts! While I do not have a nut allergy, I have sometimes made this cake without nuts and it was still delicious 🙂 Apparently the apples and cherries are the key to its success. In any case, I’m so happy you thought it looked good. Have a blessed holiday!

  4. littleninja says:

    Cybele, I could not figure out where to post this. I, like you, did not realize what day it was. I have actually been OFF all week in terms of days. But what I Do remember is that today I took a stab at the fudge brownie recipe from your allergy free baker’s book…and good lord! This was the most encouraging recipe I have attempted in my short 4 months on the dairy, wheat, soy, egg, nut (orange, tomato, avocado) free diet. I so related to your story in that these are not my allergies, they are my sons (as I am breastfeeding), but unlike you, I did not find out until 19 months in what some of his allergies were. You can imagine the utter misery I have lived for the last year and a half.

    Anywho, THESE BROWNIES HAVE GIVEN ME THE ENCOURAGEMENT TO FORGE AHEAD WITH RELENTLESS DETERMINATION!!! So decadent…and rich…and gooey…and fantastical…and tantalizing. A chocolate lover’s dream!! I did not take the name of the chocolate bars to the store with me so I found myself in Whole Foods watching the channel 7 video in search of the name of the bars to buy. BUT in that video you already had the chocolate melted when it started (just my luck). So I opted to substitute 1.12 cups of cocoa powder and 6T of margarine for the chocolate bars. I had to cook a little longer because I used an 8×8 pan. And what came out of the oven was a pan full of heaven.

    Thank you for the hope you have given me through this 8×8 pan of chocolatey richness. Your cookbook is the first BEST purchase I have made on this lovely, challenging, frustrating and healthy allergy free diet.

  5. Grace Beebe says:

    Hi, Cybele I have emailed you and you said that I could leave a recipe request here, it would be GREAT if you could come up with a recipe for these things: first of all, some kind of a gluten free, dairy free fetticune alfredo pasta dish, or a gluten free, dairy free Hot Pocket. Thanks! I’m 12, I’m gluten and dairy free, and I like to bake and have loved baking your recipes from your cookbook:)

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  7. Cybele says:

    Dear Grace:

    Thank you for your comment! I have a gf/cf Fettucine Alfredo recipe in my new cookbook, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking, that will be coming out next year. I’ll work on the hot pocket for you.

    all best,


  8. Cybele says:

    Littleninja: So happy you like the brownies! I will try your cocoa powder sub too… Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! Hope you are well and hope to see you while you are still in NYC. xoox

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