Allergy Friendly Friday 4/15/11




Have you seen my Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Noodle Kugel recipe over at Whole Living Daily yet? Did you know I also blog over there, twice a month? This Kugel was hard won, and took many tries, but the final result had me wanting to sit down with a fork and eat the whole casserole. (Oh, wait, I did)

And what about my Allergy-Free Brisket Tsimmes recipe over at Foodista?  Yes, I also blog over there, once a month! Oy veh! Whether or not you are celebrating Passover, this recipe is a must try.

But enough about my recipes, let’s talk about yours!

Last week’s Allergy Friendly Friday had some awe-inspiring recipes links.  Some of the top highlights were:

Please add your links for this week. Please link back to this post so you can share both your own and other’s fabulous allergy-friendly recipes. And remember, I specialize in creating gluten-free recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergens, but yours don’t have to be. They just have to be allergy-friendly in SOME way.


  • Please add only ONE post per blog.
  • Please LINK back to this post so that your readers can find ALL the recipes linked to here. This is a sharing page.
  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your homepage.
  • Recipes DO NOT have to be completely allergen-free, just ALLERGY-FRIENDLY in some way.
  • When you link, let us know who you are. For example, I might add Rice Milk Mayonnaise (cybele


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  4. Homa says:

    I shared my three bean salad recipe adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, it is great if you need something safe to bring to a potluck or picnic. We’ve eaten it on little road trips because it keeps so well but we also just eat it for lunch sometimes. I am trying to put all our go-to recipes on my website in case they’ll somehow help another person trying to make sense of meal ideas with allergies. I love having this forum, thank you Cybele!

  5. Loving the frozen theme, people!

  6. Tressa R says:

    Cybele, thank you for featuring my recipe from last week as a highlight! 🙂 I am honored. Thank you for hosting these events. I love trying all the new recipes, and that Kugel looks delish.

    This week I am sharing another raw recipe, similar to the cheesecake from last week, but original, bright and springy. It is Raw Pineapple Custard Pie! I hope you all enjoy it.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the links! I have been trying to figure out a good allergy free ice cream recipe, but haven’t loved anything I’ve tried on my own. I’m excited to try the strawberry ice cream.

    I also, wanted to let you know that I just posted a review of your cookbook on my blog. Thanks so much for all of the great recipes, my son is allergic to dairy and eggs, and I have celiac disease. I just cannot get over how good the recipes in your cookbook are. I’m so happy I can finally make my son things like biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and cookies that actually taste like the real thing.

  8. jamie says:

    i have been on a caramel kick! i linked a dairy free, egg free flan. thanks for hosting this! even when i don’t have anything to post, i always get great recipes to try. 🙂

  9. Cybele says:

    I like the ring of Pineapple Custard PIe, Tressa! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ve linked Navy Bean Soup, which is seasoned mostly with herbs and vegetables (parsley, carrot and celery)…and some stock, if you like. It’s GF, CF, corn-free, egg-free, nut-free, soy-free and sugar-free. Lots of good nutrition in it, so I try to cook it often for my family often…even though they may not care much about the nutrition, but just like the flavor.

    Love the other dishes here already…muffins, roasted broccoli salad, mayonnaise, three-bean salad, ice creams, cordials…it’s all so tempting! Good to know it’s also healthier!


  11. […] nice happy weekend reminder: Go visit Cybele Pascal’s Allergy-Friendly Friday post for some great food links!  I’ve got my pistachio rosewater gelato on there for this week. […]

  12. Cybele says:

    Hi Stephanie:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll go check it out.
    all best,


  13. Cybele says:

    Wow, Jamie, thanks for the Flan link. My family is crazy for Flan, and I can’t wait to try this!

  14. Cybele says:

    Hi Pat, thanks for the gorgeous recipe (per usual).

  15. Michele says:

    Here is a link to (almost) gluten-free, vegan Passover menu:

    It is not my link or page, just a blog I read, and I thought this article might be helpful to some of your readers as well.

  16. Michele says:

    Oops, I just realized that link might not be quite right- try this one:

  17. Cybele says:

    THanks so much Michele. What a great resource.

    all best,


  18. erin says:

    Cybele, thanks for sharing my link from last week! The recipe I posted this week happens to feature your Soy-Free Soy Sauce. 🙂

    Thanks too for the Passover recipes. Our kids decided that we should celebrate Passover this year (as well as Easter). Not being Jewish, I was quite at a loss for where to go for any recipes, let alone allergy-free ones. We will be having your nut-free charoset, and I’m trying really hard to figure out how to include your sweet kugel, too. Can I get away with two fruity, sweet dishes?? It looks SO yummy!

  19. Michelle says:

    Whoops I forgot to say who mine’s from! My recipe is the banana cupcakes with maple frosting. It’s from Michelle at eat-freely. I promise they’re amazing. One of the best things I’ve ever made!

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