My Son Noah


I am finally writing to you, you wonderful, wonderful women Cybele Pascal!  My son Noah was being treated for the last 5 years as a ‘reflux’ child and had been using Prevacid twice a day and still vomiting.  To try and make a long story short, we took action and found out that Noah was allergic to Soy, Eggs and Dairy this past August.  Your cookbook saved my life.  When we first found out, I cried (in the grocery store) for days wondering what am I going to feed this poor child? … Please, keep up the excellent work.  Us Moms out there with food allergic children are most grateful.


Bethann Zoldan

I love the cookbook!


Hi Cybele,  I just found out about your cookbook through a food allergy support group and ordered it on Amazon.  I love it! It’s the creative cookbook I was hoping Ming Tsai would write!  My daughter is 6 (allergic to peanuts & treenuts, which I now realize is a piece of cake) and my son is allergic to milk, eggs, shellfish, sesame, lentils, plus we avoid peanuts, treenuts, and fish as a precaution… I wish I had this book on hand 4 years ago! …  I am recommending the book to everyone I know who deals with food allergies.

Thank you!

Sue Cudmore

“You Rock!!!”


I have to tell you, I think your next cookbook should come with a string attached – so moms of allergic children can wear it around their neck for easy reference… Your book is such a gift to foodies that have to avoid mainstream ingredients.  I could give you such a huge hug just for how you enabled us to have “normal” cakes and cookies at birthday parties for my son… Truly, I could go on and on…  What you’ve done is nothing short of a miracle… Please keep up your GREAT work.  It’s such a needed tool for moms in situations like ours. If you ever come out with a sequel, put me on your list!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sarahbeth Spasojevich