Allergy Friendly Friday 10/7/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


Our team in the Kitchen at the GF/AF EXPO Dallas: Chef Castano Penn, Chef Denise O’Dean SanFilippo, and Chef David Shaw

Last Friday, I traveled to Dallas for the Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo and Vendor Fair, which was a smashing success, with over 2000 visitors passing through the vendor fair, and all the cooking classes extremely well attended. I spent a good 10 hours baking and cooking in the kitchen you see pictured above, and quite literally never left the hotel once all weekend!  I walked through the doors at 4:00pm on Friday, and walked out at 1:00pm Sunday, got back in my rental car, and drove back to the airport. It was a great weekend, but a crying shame I never got to see a glimpse of the city, particularly since both my maternal grandparents were from Texas, albeit, Amarillo, which they always described as “dust-bowl”. (more…)

More fun FAAN Walk for Food Allergy pictures 2010


Yesterday was the Los Angeles FAAN Walk for Food Allergy.  Amazingly, it was just as lovely a day as the Chicago FAAN Walk for Food Allergy one week prior.

And similarly to Chicago, many more people turned out than expected, coming together to move towards a cure for food allergies. I am always so moved to be around other Food Allergy Families, and am so excited to see more and more people putting the pedal to the metal.  We are fighting for a cure, and I can glimpse it on the horizon…

My team, Team LA surpassed our fundraising goal, raising $1249.80, thanks to the generosity of many of you readers!  Thank you — you are the best! The walk itself raised $49,278.88!  And there is still time to donate.  Last week’s walk in Chicago raised over $90,000! Wow!  That’s a tremendous accomplishment.

I met a lot of lovely new friends at both the LA Walk and Chicago Walk.  I am so grateful to have been an honorary chair at both walks, and I hope you’ll have me back again next year.  Below are some pictures of highlights.

CHICAGO FAAN Walk for Food Allergy 10/17/10

Alex Simko (FAAN Teen Ambassador), Mary Lenahan (Co-Chair of the Chicago walk), and me, leading the walkers in Chicago.  (Click photo to enlarge)

Amazing Food Allergy Kids, Chicago

FAAN walkers, Chicago

It was a glorious day in Lincoln Park, and the walkers stretched back as far as the eye could see!

LOS ANGELES FAAN Walk for Food Allergy 10/24/10

Mike Kwiecien, CEO of My Food Facts and me at the LA Walk

Fellow Food Allergy Parent and Facebook Buddy, Cheryl Lee Dorsey, Anna, and me, on the LA FAAN walk pretending to come in on the 100 Mile Marathon! Yeah, right!

Yael Kozar, Host of “The Anaphylactic Allergy Podcast”, and me.

Los Angeles FAAN Walk for Food Allergy

(I borrowed this pic from Cheryl)