Allergy Friendly Friday 5/20/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


I am thrilled to see how many people are linking up their allergy-friendly recipes on Allergy Friendly Friday!  I knew you were all out there, and I am so happy that we are building a real community of Allergy Free food bloggers here. Keep ’em coming!

With strawberry season in full blast, blueberry season beginning, and asparagus, and artichokes in full bloom, I think we should focus on Seasonal Farmers Market recipes this week.  Please link up your seasonal Allergy Free Farmers Market recipes or your Gluten Free Farmers Market recipes this week.  I too am focusing on fresh produce this month.  (Allergy-Free Hollandaise Sauce with Fresh Asparagus will be up on my  Food Allergy Recipe Challenge blog at Whole Living Daily on Tuesday, and see link below for my seasonal Allergy Free Strawberry Cupcakes).

Last week featured a whole lot of new bloggers!  Yay!  I noticed AFTER posting my last post about Sunflower Milk, (which will be followed next week by Sunflower Yogurt), that another blogger posted her lovely recipe for dairy-free yogurt on last week’s Allergy Friendly Friday.  So at the top of the list of featured recipes this week is: