Allergy Friendly Friday 1/25/13 and 2/1/13


Congrats to all the winners of the various Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking giveaways! There are still two open giveaways happening. Brooklyn Allergy Mom has been running her’s all month, and we have a NEW ONE from Thriving GFCF. See below.

Brooklyn Allergy Mom – GIVEAWAY Deadline January 31st

“Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking” … will quickly become the essential guide for any parent dealing with multiple food allergies who wants to create family-friendly food within 30-minutes.” ~ Heidi Bayer

Thriving GFCF – GIVEAWAY Deadline February 15th

“I’m really happy to say that this cookbook will enter into my favorite cookbook collection. The recipes will be used and enjoyed often. Great job, Cybele, on yet another fine achievement. You’ve made this Warrior Mom’s life easier and more enjoyable. My family thanks you too.” ~ Kim Rice

It’s been really great to see some new bloggers posting recipes here! Welcome! Thank you for contributing to the last two weeks’ Allergy-Friendly Friday! Here are the recipe highlights from the last roundup. Remember, the featured  recipes are also being featured on my Allergy-Friendly Friday Highlights Pinterest board, so check them out there, along with other featured allergy-friendly recipes from weeks past. If you have been featured, I encourage you to grab the Allergy Friendly Friday badge from my right sidebar and share it on your blog, so others know you’ve got a featured recipe on Allergy-Friendly Friday.

The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook Giveaway!


GLGEVSCI’ve got a special treat for you, gluten-free peeps, as we move into these bleak and dreary depth-of-winter-months.

If you haven’t already heard, Carrie Forbes,  Ginger Lemon Girl  has a gangbuster new cookbook, The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook. Guess what I didn’t know before I read this book? You really can cook everything in a slow cooker. She’s not kidding.  From Breakfast to Casseroles to Breads and Desserts (and Lattes!).  While I’ve been using my slow cooker (occasionally) for years for soups and stews, I have never delved into baking in a slow cooker. Carrie’s book has got me totally jazzed to bust out my slow cooker and try a whole new genre of cooking. And with 300 recipes to choose from, I won’t be running out of options any time soon!

While it might seem that cooking in a slow cooker is the opposite of what I’m focused on right now, (30-minute meals), the more I thought about it, the more in sync I realized Carrie and I are.  Using a slow cooker actually serves the same purpose as a 30-minute meal. Whether you’ve got dinner in the slow cooker for 2-8 hours, or you’re whipping up a 30-minute meal, the goal is the same: LESS TIME SPENT OVER THE STOVE!

Random side note: One of the cutest things about this book is that last I checked, it was the #1 bestseller in the category of Potatoes on Amazon. I didn’t know there was category for Potatoes, but I like it!!!   That actually tells you a little bit about this book, which is that it’s filled with comforting foods, because what’s more comforting than a potato?

This is not to say this book is just chock-full of potatoes. As mentioned above, it’s a book that teaches you how to cook everything in a slow cooker.  I am very impressed by the variety of recipes. While Carrie does give us many traditional favorites, like Chicken Cacciatore (p.188) and Split Pea Soup (p.125), this book is not your typical run of the mill roster.  Eastern North Carolina Cheesy Grits Casserole (p.52)? I’m on it. Welsh Rarebit (p.84)? Yup. Lone Star State Chili (p139)? I’m going to make that right now!

In addition to the Soups, Stews and Chilis chapter (my favorite types of food), I am most excited about the Slow Cooker 101 chapter, the Five Ingredients or Fewer chapter, and the Kid-Friendly Meals chapter.  Oh, yeah, and also the Gluten-Free Breads and Desserts chapter. Oh, dang it, I’m excited about it all! Bravo, Carrie for putting together such a comprehensive, fun, and instructive gluten-free cookbook. On top of the stellar recipe collection, The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook also has excellent instructional chapters on Slow Cooker Basics, and Why Gluten-Free. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILE GLUTEN-FREE, THIS BOOK IS NOT TOP 8 ALLERGEN-FREE. But many recipes naturally are, or if not, are adaptable.  Given the incredible breadth of delicious recipes, I think I can safely say that there’s something in this cookbook for just about everyone.


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This GIVEAWAY will end on TUESDAY, February 5th at PST. The winners will be announced then.