Allergy Friendly Friday 12/23/11


Allergy Friendly Friday

I have an admission. I forgot today was Friday.  What? Yes, it’s true.  Amidst the last minute wrapping, and cookie baking, and running out for stocking suffers, I totally forgot what day it was.  It’s been a very busy week. I turned in the first draft of my new cookbook, Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking (out November, 2012). And I scrambled across the country with my two kids and my cat (we got searched at security, not once, but twice, because I was traveling with baking ingredients, which all look VERY suspicious).  But I’m back on track, just in the nick of time. It’s still Friday, phew, and I can select a few of the choicest of all the very choice allergy-friendly Hannukah, Christmas, and Quanza recipes you’ve all posted over the past two weeks. (more…)