Allergy Friendly Friday 7/27/12


Allergy-Friendly Friday, on a Friday?  Oh my, what a novelty!

Thanks for your patience while I struggled to get back from Iowa.  Wow, are those corn fields gorgeous. Such a tragedy that the drought is killing off so many. Though, I couldn’t help but feel a chill as I looked at mile upon mile of what is surely GMO corn.  So beautiful, but silently dangerous. What are your thoughts on corn, and particularly GMO corn? Let me know in a comment, if you like. I’m curious.  And if you are intolerant, or allergic to it, how does it manifest?

Just to remind everyone,  I’m doing a new thing with my top weekly picks from Allergy Friendly Friday. I’m sharing my weekly picks on Pinterst too. See here, where I’ve featured this week’s top picks, and the last several week’s on my new ALLERGY FRIENDLY FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS pin board.

Here are a few choice recipe highlights from the last Allergy Friendly Friday (on Saturday)

Allergy Friendly Friday 8/5/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


I’m back in LA, slammed with work, spending all my time in the kitchen. This isn’t a bad thing, so long as I’m not using the oven, which heated to 450 on a 95 degree day is a bit of a bummer. I prefer to keep my head in the fridge.

My kids are having a different kind of August. They are at surf camp in Malibu every day. I wish I were still a kid sometimes. (more…)