How to make Sunflower Milk


This recipe for Sunflower Milk is the first installment in my homemade Sunflower Yogurt recipe, which will be up next. Gotta make the milk first, to get to the yogurt! These recipes were developed in response to a reader request for a homemade dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free yogurt recipe.

I first tried making rice milk yogurt with store-bought rice milk. No go. I tried store-bought rice milk with hemp seeds added (yogurt seems to need protein and carbohydrates to grow). That worked a tiny bit, but tasted gross. Then I tried rice milk with a little rice protein powder added. It tasted like, well, like protein powder, and it didn’t really thicken. I tried using coconut milk. Again it didn’t work. I tried using hemp milk. Nope. And then, I finally realized that most of the vegan yogurt recipes out there rely on homemade cashew milk. Great… except, I can’t use nuts. This is an allergy-friendly recipe.

So this left me back at the drawing board. Until I realized, I could make my own seed milk. Sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are both mild, and protein rich. One of the two just might work. So, I set about making homemade seed milk. Read on below to learn how to make your own Sunflower Seed Milk and come back next week to get the recipe for yogurt!