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  1. Hi, I bought the Allergen-free bakers handbook and I love it so far, but I cannot get superfine brown rice flour until I save up enough to order online and pay shipping. Is there some other flours that I could use instead? I have tapioca, potato starch, sweet rice, brown rice, white rice, teff, sorghum, amaranth and oat flours. There are a few other flours at my local health food store, but not superfine brown rice. I am wanting to make the red velvet cake and I don’t want to mess it up since my natural dye is so expensive. Do you think I could take my brown rice flour and process it in my Vitamix to make it super fine?

    • cybele pascal says:

      Dear Jennifer:

      What brand is your brown rice flour? If it’s bob’s red mill or ener-g you should be fine. You can grind it finer if you like, but it’s not necessary. bob’s red mill calls themselves superfine as well.

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