Allergy Free Recipes for the Chinese New Year on ABC7 LA


This week, I had the pleasure of a visit from Lori Corbin – The Food Coach from ABC7 here in LA. I’ve been hoping The Food Coach would pay me a visit since my last book, so was really thrilled when I got the call that Lori was coming over to check out my new Allergy-Friendly Asian recipes for Chinese New Year, from my new book Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking. For more about the interview, and the recipes featured in this video, plus tips on how to celebrate an allergy-free Chinese New Year, please see the article here.
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Allergy Friendly Friday 1/6/12


Allergy Friendly Friday

This is the first Allergy-Friendly Friday post of the new year. I don’t know about you, but I need to revamp my diet a bit after way too much celebratory eating and drinking.  I don’t really fit into my pants right now.  At least not my muffin top.  Tomorrow, I go back to Los Angeles, and I am promising myself a little healthy restraint.  Can you help me out by posting your lightest, healthiest, most diet-friendly allergy-free and gluten-free recipes?  I would be so grateful! (more…)

Allergy Friendly Friday 8/5/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


I’m back in LA, slammed with work, spending all my time in the kitchen. This isn’t a bad thing, so long as I’m not using the oven, which heated to 450 on a 95 degree day is a bit of a bummer. I prefer to keep my head in the fridge.

My kids are having a different kind of August. They are at surf camp in Malibu every day. I wish I were still a kid sometimes. (more…)