Surf Sweets: Allergy Friendly Candy!


I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff.  Particularly that amazing taste sensation of sweet & sour.   But most sour candies (sour patch kids, for example) are full of artificial color and artificial flavor. Not only that, but there’s no allergy-safety assurance, and forget about organic.

Well, not anymore.  There’s a new gummy bear in town!  Bert Cohen (best known as the co-founder of Enjoy Life!) has brought us Surf Sweets,  a fantastic new organic gummy candy line, that covers all your bases for bears, worms, swirls, and jelly beans.

Surf Sweets offers seven unique varieties of its mouth-watering organic and natural gummy candies and jelly beans, all of which are made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners:

Gummy Bears

Gummy Worms

Organic Jelly Beans

Sour Worms

Organic Fruity Bears

Gummy Swirls

Sour Berry Bears

In addition to using natural, organic ingredients, Surf Sweets organic gummy candy provides 100% of you daily Vitamin C per serving.  (And the Gummy Swirls are calcium fortified too!)  All of their products are free of trans fats, GMOs, corn syrup, gluten, artificial colors and flavors.  But best of all, these little cuties are made in a peanut-free facility that is free of other common allergens as well (wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, and fish). What’s sweeter than that?

100 % of your daily dose of Vitamin C?  Calcium fortified?  Allergy-friendly and GMO-free? Who is this miracle worker? Now you can feel virtuous, and downright self-satisfied sneaking a little bag of candy into your kids lunch box.

My favorite?  The Sour Worms, hands down.  My kids’ favorite? Any kind of Bear. Yours’?  You’ll just have to sample and see.