Allergy Free Boston Cream Pie


I’m baking up a special dessert that one would never imagine could be made Allergy-Free. Boston Cream Pie! That’s right, allergy free, gluten free, vegan Boston Cream Pie!

I’m from Boston, where this dreamy creation is our favorite traditional dessert. Boston Cream Pie is actually a cake; two layers of tasty yellow cake, filled with a fluffy pastry cream, and topped with a luscious chocolate glaze. But it’s usually heavily dependant on such top allergens as wheat, dairy, eggs, and sometimes soy. So as a tribute to all of us out there living with food allergies, I’ve come up with a version of this special treat that is free of all top allergens. Bake it and celebrate how delicious allergen-free can be! (more…)

Allergy Free Crumb Cake


In honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, I thought it only fitting that I should post one of my favorite allergen-free recipes which I shared last year on the MARTHA show.  I’m posting the recipe here for the first time, and also the link to the video, so you can follow along if you like. This “buttery” moist gluten-free, vegan coffee cake is the perfect treat for any weekend brunch, or bake it up and eat yourself this week along with your family, in honor of all those we love living with Food Allergies.


Allergy Free Easter Cupcakes


Hard to believe these colorful beauties are gluten-free, allergy-free, and vegan, as well as free of any artificial color. Don’t they look like they must be bad for you? Nope, 100% natural, GF, and free of all top food allergens. I was inspired to make them after finding that India Tree has a line of all-natural food coloring. This was an exciting find, indeed, since I’ve never been very happy with the line of natural colors from Seelect, and I really don’t like feeding my children artificial dye. Particularly my multi-food-allergic son, Lennon, who seems overly reactive these days. Just last week he broke out in total body hives after I gave him liquid Ibuprofen, and frankly, I don’t know if it was a medication allergy, or if he was having an allergic reaction to the red dye in the Children’s Advil. Better safe than sorry, so I think we’ll avoid both for now.

These India Tree Natural Decorating Sugars make very pretty pastels, or jewel tones. Add the coloring a drop at a time, until desired shade has been reached. The Jelly Beans I used to accessorize are also all-natural and allergy-friendly from Surf Sweets. And the cute little chicks and bunnies are from Williams Sonoma.