Greetings from the Field of Dreams: If you bake it, they will come



Dear Friends:

I spent last week in lovely majestic Iowa, where we manufacture our allergy-friendly Cybele’s Free-to-Eat cookies. We make them right next to the Field of Dreams. There’s something about that, that’s achingly poetic. Every time I start to feel defeated or beaten down by the business, I think to myself “If you Bake it, they will come”.

Here are some kids, eating our cookies.


This picture was taken in Los Angeles, the night before I went to Iowa… to bake more cookies. Because IF YOU BAKE IT, THEY WILL COME.  And you will need to make more cookies. Which is exactly what we did.  216,000 cookies, to be exact.

In the next couple of weeks, please look for our cookies in all Kroger brand stores. That means Kroger, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, QFC, etc. We will be in the core cookie set, so look for us there, in the cookie aisle. Let me know if you find them. And please let me know if you don’t!

Here are cookies being trayed to bake….


And cookies cooling….


And cookies being sorted….


Meanwhile… outside the window of my motel….


This helicopter took off and landed all day long. It’s an Agriculture and Pest Control copter.  They seemed to have some serious business to attend to!

It’s the heartland for corn here.  Yup, that’s corn.  All along the horizon.


All in all, it was a good time  Lots of cookies baked. And lots of cookies shipped. Can’t wait to go back, to the Field of Dreams.