Allergy Friendly Friday 7/29/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


It’s the last day of my vacation.  This is a picture of my son Monte and his friend Milu hugging the canoe.  Tomorrow I fly back to Los Angeles, and Monday I get back to finishing the first draft of my new cookbook, which is due right after Labor Day (yikes!)   I had thought I’d get a lot done here on the Cape.  Wishful thinking! (more…)

Concord Grape Jelly with Maple Syrup


This recipe almost made me throw in the towel.  I considered doing a status update that read, “I failed this week.  Check back next Tuesday”.  But I didn’t.  As I write this post, I’m still not actually sure I’ve succeeded at the challenge; the jelly is still cooling.

And I thought this one would be easy!

I grew up making jam and jelly with my Grandmother, after all.  So, when I was asked by a reader for a jam or jelly recipe without refined sugar, I said,  “No problem!” Little did I know….