Allergy Friendly Friday (on Saturday, yet again)



Yesterday was a hot one…. My temp gauge read 116°F at 1pm, my car overheated, and we ran out of coolant. Even though we refilled it, it won’t stop flashing “STOP”. I fear my old car might be on her last legs.  Anyone else have any experience with 9 year old VWs? I’ve heard they aren’t particularly long-lived.

Thanks for all the FANTASTIC recipe links over the past few weeks.  I have really enjoyed reading through them.

Just to remind everyone, I’m doing a new thing with my top weekly picks from Allergy Friendly Friday. I’m sharing my weekly picks on Pinterest too. See here, where I’ve featured this week’s top picks on my new ALLERGY FRIENDLY FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS pin board.

Here are a few choice recipe highlights from the last Allergy Friendly Friday: