How to make a Porcupine Watermelon


porcupine watermelon

Dear Readers, are you looking for the perfect allergy-frirendly picnic or potluck dish? Look no further than the Porcupine Watermelon. This baby is as fun to make as it is to eat.  Read on for step by step instructions to creating the cutest food art I’ve ever carved up.  Enter, the Porcupine Watermelon!



1. Using an 8″ or 9″ chef’s knife, cut the watermelon into a baby rocker shape. Remove the top, and refrigerate to keep cool. Use the knife to cut around the edges of the watermelon flesh, and use a large spoon to scoop out the insides. Put in a large bowl, pour off extra watermelon juice and refrigerate.


2. Use a small paring knife (I know it looks big in this pic, but it’s just the angle!), to cut the top of the head into a jagged edge by cutting out little wedges.


3. Use toothpicks to adhere two blueberries for eyes, by skewering them through from the inside of the melon. Remove the top half of the melon that you cut off in step one, with rind still in tact, from the fridge. Use the small paring knife to cut out a triangle for a nose. Leave some pink along the bottom, but trim it down. Cut the tip off so it’s flat so you can adhere the blueberry for the tip of the nose. Break a toothpick in half, and skewer the flat tip of the nose. Attach the blueberry. Then attach the nose, by sticking at least three toothpicks through the rind from the inside through the nose. Line it up on the little brown spot in the center of the melon.


4. Nose and eyes attached. Next onto the ears.


5. To attach the ears use three toothpicks, skewering through from the back of the rind. Push the top one out farthest, so the ear is perky at the top.


6. Here’s a profile shot.


7. Fill with cubes of watermelon, and then insert a couple of toothpicks into each cube. I added a lot more after this pic was taken as I realized it didn’t look spiky enough.


8. Add the feet. be sure the bottoms have been trimmed flat so the lay flat.

porcupine watermelon

9. Porcupine Watermelon! Serve with extra toothpicks on the side and keep adding them to the cubes as your guests eat down through the layers. Keep back-up watermelon cubes in the fridge to refill. Be sure to pour off watermelon juices of backup cubes or they’ll get boggy and soggy. Enjoy! And share!

Allergy Friendly Friday Memorial Day BBQ


First of all, I’d like to give a big shout out to my brother Dylan and sister-in-law Thanya who welcomed their second son, Bodhi Zeppelin Chivian two days ago!  He was born almost a month early, but is as handsome as can be!

I don’t think my parents understand that this child’s middle name comes from a rock band, not something that flies in the air.  Will have to clarify!  At least I think that’s what he’s named after… Further investigation required.

Well, we all know what’s coming next weekend, right?  Memorial Day!  Yay, fire up those grills, people, it’s time for our Allergy-Friendly BBQ!  Come share your allergy-friendly and/or gluten-free picnic and BBQ recipes here on Allergy-Friendly Friday. We will be running our Allergy Friendly Memorial Day BBQ linky party for TWO WEEKS, since it’s a three day weekend, and there’s a lot more time for cooking.  So feel free to share two recipes. Come back for highlights on June 1st!

Thanks again for sharing your recipe links here. Some highlights from last week’s Allergy-Friendly Friday Mother’s Day roundup were:

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Allergy Friendly Friday


Okay, people, what are you making for your 4th of July BBQ or picnic. I know you all have some great allergy-free and gluten-free recipe links up your sleeves! Please add them below. And again, thanks for linking up so nicely last week! Some of you are still forgetting, tho, which means I can’t feature your posts :(  A few of the LOVELY seasonal highlights from last week’s Allergy Friendly Friday were: