Allergy Friendly Friday 7/15/11 and Wellfleet with a Shellfish Allergy


Allergy Friendly Friday



Greetings from Wellfleet!  I’m back home on Cape Cod, in the town where I grew up.  This is my son Lennon, fishing off the pier.  He’s stirring up trouble wearing a Yankee’s hat in hardcore Red Sox territory.  He was born in NYC, so maybe he has a bit of an excuse.

FYI, we fish off this pier, but we never catch anything. It’s all about the atmosphere, and practicing their casting. Here’s my other son, Monte, in a meditative moment.

The irony of 3 shellfish allergies in my immediate family is not lost on me. Wellfleet is the home of world famous shellfish. It is featured in fancy restaurants all around the globe. People always ask me how we can stand being here without eating the shellfish. (more…)