Allergy Friendly Friday on Saturday, AGAIN


It’s Saturday. I like to mix it up over here at Allergy Friendly Friday, by making Friday into SATURDAY. We can do whatever we want, right? It’s summer.

I thought I’d share a little anecdote with you. I’m wondering how many others out there have had a similar experience? I had a serious moment of weakness this past week.


That’s right, I cried because I couldn’t eat salmon.  A moment of total self pity. My family and I were at a restaurant.  It was “Salmon Monday”.  They had a million salmon offerings. Everyone else in my family can eat salmon. I can’t.  I love salmon. But I’m allergic to it.  I started crying.

I thought, “this is insane, I’m weeping over salmon”. Then I realized, I had pms. Which doesn’t actually make the true feelings any less real, it just takes the filter off, and I spiral into revealing them.

As you know if you’ve followed my writing, I am a glass half-full type of girl. It’s all about what you CAN eat, not about what you can’t.  But last monday, the glass cracked, just for a little while, and I desperately wanted some salmon.

What food could bring you to tears? I’m curious what you all are missing?  Please let me know in a comment.

But back to ALL THAT WE ARE NOT MISSING!  There is a garden of plenty, particularly these summer months with such amazing produce everywhere you turn. Thanks for sharing. Just to remind everyone,  I’m doing a new thing with my top weekly picks from Allergy Friendly Friday. I’m sharing my weekly picks on Pinterst too. See here, where I’ve featured this week’s top picks, and last week’s on my new ALLERGY FRIENDLY FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS pin board.

Here are a few choice recipe highlights from last week’s Allergy Friendly Friday (on Saturday)

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  2. Margie says:

    Oh, I so understand those cravings! It’s silly, but the thing I miss most these warm summer days is milkshakes and rootbeer floats. Coconut and rice milk ice cream just do not cut it in a root beer float. 🙁

    • cybele says:

      Hi Margie, I know, they aren’t as creamy. Have you tried the hemp milk ice creams? If so, what do you think of them?

      stay cool!


      • Margie says:

        They have hemp milk ice cream? I’ve never seen that in my local store. I’ll have to look for it.

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  4. Leah says:

    For the last few years my husband and I eat our birthday dinner at PF Chang’s since they are so great about food issues. However, I had forgotten that since the last time I had been there, I had had to add three more sensitives to my list. The waitress came back with three safe things to eat–spinach, green beans, or the steamed veggie plate. I didn’t start crying, but it was close. Fortunately my waitress went and got the manager to help me. The manager was great, but, that was the first time that I felt like someone looked at me like I was handicapped. The waitress looked at me with pity the rest of the meal, but she was unable to figure out how to work with me through it. I definitely don’t need pity, just an alternative!

    • cybele says:

      Hi Leah:

      Sounds like PF Chang’s needs to step it up a notch further! Such a bummer. We can all steam veggies at home. What are your sensitivities?

      all best, and Happy Bday, belatedly.


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  6. Devin says:

    Hi, Cybele. Thanks so much for featuring my Chocolate Chip Granola Sunbutter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches this week!

    For those interested in trying out the recipe, Enjoy Life Foods has agreed to **Giveaway** a bag of their Double Chocolate Crunch Granola (main ingredient) to one of my readers!

    Luckily, since I’m nursing my allergy-stricken daughter, I still haven’t had to worry about the PMS spiral (love that benefit!). 🙂 But I do crave and miss mixed nuts & honey roasted nuts, which were a perfect snack years ago when I was nursing my son.

    • cybele says:

      Hi Devin,

      that sandwich is adorable and looks amazing! Nice also that you are doing the giveaway!

      Nuts, eh? We all have our cravings. I think it’s weird that mine is fish.

      all best,


  7. Homa says:

    I miss marzipan most of all, I think. I doubt I will ever eat it again even when the kids are grown or I’m done nursing. The idea of eating something my daughter is so allergic to is not one I can wrap my brain around. I do get frustrated also when I smell “real” bread. I’m sorfy you had a rough time, Cybele, thank you for your honesty!

    • cybele says:

      oh marzipan is the most delicious smelling thing. But I hear you on that. Lennon’s dairy allergy turned me off dairy, even though i can eat it.

  8. Homa says:

    *sorry (typing on my phone!)

  9. Margie€?…„> says:

    I have to add a funny story. I was at a carnival today, thinking of your post as I was lamenting all the greasy, empty calorie, allergy laden fair food that smelled so good but I couldn’t eat. Then I watched a very sweaty man wipe his brow while making french fries with no gloves on, and the cravings were instantly gone! Sometimes it just takes a little reminder like that to realize how many times this allergy-free lifestyle has saved my life, and in so many ways.

    • cybele says:

      yuck. my father tells a similar story of being at an ice cream parlor as a child and watching a big sweaty guy use the ear piece of his glasses to stir a milkshake for him. turned him off them forever!

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  11. Debra says:

    The thing I miss most is Mattar Paneer (Indian style peas and cheese). But, like Homa I have an aversion to the foods my son can’t have. And I bet that if I did eat it, it would leave a sour taste in my heart. I know that is a somewhat wrong way of thinking of it though. I am interested in knowing how a person who is allergic to a food thinks they would feel eating a food again that was once such a serious threat to them. Would it, could it ever be a favorite? I could imagion the excitement, but could also imagion the fear. The Allergist Mom just wrote an article about this subject too which honed in on the fact that our memories are attached to foods making our feelings about such positive or negative and sometimes both. New memories must be made to heal bad or replace the good. Thank you for your article because it really fits in with the healing process and for me is a good memory associated with the foods that I can’t eat, because I am normal and not alone.

    • cybele says:

      Hi Debra:

      Thanks for this. I know that for me it is different given the severity of my allergies. Clearly, if I could eat salmon, I would, and with love. But I’m not severely allergic to it. Enough that my face swells and I feel very sick and it gives me all the gastro reactions. But it’s not life threatening. However, I could never eat a walnut again. The thought of walnuts gives me serious anxiety. Seeing walnuts in their shells gives me a flash of fear. I have an issue with Walnuts. I’ll read Sarah’s article on this. She is great. She wrote the foreword to my new cookbook, fyi.

      love Indian food. Very crave worthy. Is it the legumes of the dairy or both?

      all best,


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  13. Tessa says:

    It is not really one food, but there are many days where I feel like just crying when I am slaving away to feed my kids and just want an easy button! It is the worst when we leave the house…so much stress making sure I have enough food for everybody to be healthy and safe. I have a trip coming up in Aug and we have to fly, plus it is in a remote location, so I am already feeling anxious about it!
    Thanks for featuring my quinoa salad Cybele….

  14. Sarah says:

    I hear your pain, right now Im not allowed ANYTHING except Optifast (liquid drink), no food….Im getting gastric bypass done. I would love to eat salmon right now… i know its not the samething but could u subsitute for another fish or are you allergic to all fish?

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  16. Thanks for hosting! I posted a grain-free, sugar free, vegan, and nut free Crumble Topping for Anything. I have put it on everything from applesauce to pudding to ice cream.

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  20. Lori says:

    I miss omlettes and French toast. My daughter is airborn allergic to cooking eggs (along with anaphylactic to eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and seafood) so we can’t even have them in the house. The one thing my daughter has been wanted is a doughnut like she sees behind the glass in the grocery store bakery. I shared the recipe I used to make her those doughnuts. They are so simple and amazingly taste and look like the bakery doughnuts.

  21. Carolin says:

    I completely relate: PMS can catch me sideways with the filters down. (Grrr.)

    As I thought about your question, I was surprised at my conclusion. Inasmuch as I have a penchant for really good crusty, chewy sourdough bread, I think my answer is going to be (ghastly) fake buttered, movie popcorn — at the movies.

    (I’m not even crazy about popcorn; but there is Something about sitting in a full theater, and hearing… smelling… everyone around me… scarfing down popcorn that really sets me in private deprivation mode. (And at that point, I know. I know hat whatever alternative nibble I snuck in my purse, it’s not going to compete)

    I’m fine outside a theater. Talked about being shaped by one’s culture! And I never thought myself much of a conformist.

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