Allergy Friendly Friday – The Quest to Fit Into My Fat Jeans



I don’t weigh myself. I haven’t in over a year.  I find it’s torturous and puts too much focus on numbers instead of a state of being. I go by how I feel.   There are many benefits to not weighing oneself.  It frees up time.  It saves you money, not buying a scale or batteries.  It cuts out angst. Vagary is good. Until, you find, oh, say, yesterday, that not only do you not fit into your jeans, you don’t even fit into your fat jeans anymore.  I’ve been doing another sneaky thing, here in Southern Cali… I wear sun dresses.  This is very convenient for enforcing a state of denial.  I had no idea my butt no longer fit in pants. I’m all free an flowy and feel fabulous in my dresses.

This is not a diet blog. I don’t even like the word diet. I’m like Garfield the Cat. I think of diet as the word “die” with a “t”.

However, something has to be done. And that something, my friends, is cutting out sugar.  I mean it this time. A couple weeks ago I broke my no-sugar-for-a-week diet by 10:30 AM on Monday.  But now, I’m getting serious.  Vanity, and an interest in not developing diabetes, among many other health issues, is fueling my resolve.  I still won’t be weighing myself, but I am on a mission to fit into my fat jeans again.  So can you please all join me?

Please help me in my QUEST TO FIT INTO MY FAT JEANS.  Please post Allergy-Friendly and/or Gluten-Free Sugar-Free recipes this week.  Please, please, please.

But as a sendoff to my love of sugary sweets, here are my highlights from the past two weeks of Allergy Friendly Friday.

Please add your allergy-free and/or gluten-free recipe links to Allergy-Friendly Friday. PLEASE remember you have to link back from your post, for me to feature your recipe. That means link WITH A HYPERLINK THAT LINKS BACK HERE. When you link back to this post, you can share both your own and other’s fabulous allergy-friendly recipes. Am I repeating myself? 🙂 And remember, I specialize in creating gluten-free recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergens, but yours don’t have to be. They just have to be allergy-friendly in SOME way.




  • One post per blogger.
  • Please LINK back to this post so that your readers can find ALL the recipes linked to here. This is a sharing page.
  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your homepage.
  • Recipes DO NOT have to be completely allergen-free, just “ALLERGY-FRIENDLY” in some way.
  • When you link, let us know who you are.  For example, I might add old fashioned gingersnaps (cybele

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  1. Hello, I am sharing a favorite snack of mine, Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Bars (grain free too).

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  3. Hi Cybele! This is one of my first times to share a link at Allergy Friendly Friday. Thank you for hosting!

    I linked up my Green Smoothie – it’s sugar-free and dairy-free, replenishes enzymes, kills cravings, and supports weight loss. I’ve had to be very careful with my sugar intake recently too – it’s helped me stay on track! Good luck! 🙂

    I totally hear you with the sundress syndrome. I love wearing them during the warmer months and hate having to go back to those restrictive and tight jeans when it gets cooler. 😉

    Have a delightful weekend!


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  5. Cybele. I feel for you .. I was shocked to see how much weight I put on over the winter. I couldn’t even button my summer pants. Finally, after accountability, cutting down on grains and watching eating at night I can fit in them. I am not as thin as I used to be….perhaps something has really changed about my body….but I can go out in public in those pants now.

    I am still working at it. It’s a daily battle.

    Hang in there. My stevia drops should help you for sure!!


    • cybele says:

      Thanks for this, Adrienne. Yay for you that you sensibly got back into your pants! I think all women experience a metabolic shift at a certain point. As much as I try to deny it, it’s a fact, and makes accountability a must.

      have a great weekend.


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  7. melanie says:

    HI Cybele – loved your post and I am in a similiar situation. I have linked my Cashew Butter Cookies which are made with dates, no refined sugar. I am recently into everything with little or no sugar. Also, really trying to cut down on all grains.

    Our bodies change as we age and its just not possible to get back to our 25 year old body – so in addition to making healthy food choices, I try to practice acceptance of what is.

    I’ve got another cookies with no sugar and no grains at all – I’ll try to remember to post it next week, since we are only allowed one per week.

    take care, melanie

    • cybele says:

      Hi Melanie:

      I think the winter did us all in! I agree about acceptance. I know I can never have my 25 year old body back. But I’d like to have my 35 year old body back! But even that is probably not realistic. I’m truly just trying to fit into my fat jeans. I should probably just giveaway all the other ones.

      Have a great weekend!


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  9. Vicky says:

    Hi Cybele! It’s all about fitting into the jeans again – nothing changes in 30 years lol! I remember giving myself 4 months and I did it, so proud of myself!

    So to help you in your mission to fit those jeans I’ve shared an egg-free Coleslaw Recipe and a Quinoa Salad!

    Thank you for hosting!

    Have a lovely week!

  10. Colette says:

    Cybele, I was laughing out loud reading this. Is it nearly (perhaps completely) impossible to create a cookbook without putting on a few pounds. I hear you about the sugar, but since sugar is the one traditional baking item I don’t have to substitute for, some form of sugar is in nearly all of my recipes, and — so at least for now — I’m standing by it.

    • cybele says:

      Hi Colette:

      I too use sugar in baking, and put on 15 pounds writing my baking book. I took it off, and was pretty good about not packing them back on with the new cookbook. But the cookie business is killing me! I have to (“have to”, ha ha) taste test cookies all the time, and I have a very hard time stopping at one. Glad to know I’m not alone though. And nobody trusts a skinny chef!


  11. Margie says:

    You might want to wear those sundresses for one more day. Today is National Donught Day! 😉

    • cybele says:

      Oh no, national donut day? I better get baking! No, wait…. you all bake for me. I’ll enjoy vicariously. Thanks for letting me know!

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  13. Hi Cybele,
    I hope everything works out good for you. I shared a easy and delicious anti-aging strawberry green energy smoothie. It’s sugar free, dairy-free and will help you achieve your goal.



  14. Hi Cybele,

    Thank you so much for featuring my Coffee Ice Cream! I hear you-I hate the word dieting. I hate weighing myself. It’s all about how I feel and the energy a food gives me (or takes away from me). I shared my Black Forest Smoothie recipe this week which is sugar-free and vegan and loaded with antioxidants from cherries and chocolate.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  17. Good lord, I can relate! Since January, I made some sweeping changes in an effort to get back down. I increased vigorous exercise, vegetables, cut out refined sugars, and limited my grains in the evening. It yielded a whopping 5 pounds after 4 months! UGGH!! I like to think of myself as one of the healthiest chunky people out there…I only eat good stuff…just TOO much of it. I really didn’t want to have to count calories…but here I am, pluggin away, and inputting umpteen recipes into a recipe calculator (why do calorie trackers only have the processed crap!?) But realistically, with so many allergies, we have to make the vast majority of our own foods, so it is a bit time consuming! I hope cutting out the sugar works for you! All of my recipes are sugar free now, in case you need inspiration! And as I make things and discover their calorie content, I will add that too!
    As for National Donut Day, ALL my 4 donut recipes are healthy ones…so take THAT donuts!!

  18. Amber says:

    Hi Cybele,

    Well girlfriend, you are headed in the right direction! Cutting out sugar is a must. And my blog is dedicated to gluten free, grain free, sugar free, and dairy free cuisine. I have several delicious, sugar free ice cream recipes (a must with summer looming).

    But today I am sharing with you a nutrient dense berry beet smoothie. Perfect first thing in the morning, as a afternoon snack or before bed treat. If beets aren’t your thing, omit and add in greens or a banana. 🙂

    Good luck on your weight loss journey – you’ll be in those skinny jeans before you know it. 🙂


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