And the winner of Quinoa Cuisine is….


Last week I promised to give away one copy of this exciting new cookbook, Quinoa Cuisine, by Jessica Harlan and Kelley Sparwasser. I asked you to leave me comments about how you liked to eat your quinoa, or ways in which you would like to in the future. Below are the comments I got from all of you. I had a blast reading through them. Winner announced below!  Thanks for your participation, everyone! So many great ideas.  Keep on keepin’ on enjoying that quinoa!

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  • Shirley Moffs quinoa is my go to protein and I would LOVE to have a copy of the book to expand my recipe collection!
  • Paula Gardner Would love to win the Quinoa Cuisine bookbook! I love to add any combination of nuts, raisons, cranberries, coriander, turmeric, curry, coconut, red pepper and even bits of squash to my quinoa. Hmm, I guess I’d have to win the cookbook to find out other yum ingredients to add! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win 🙂
  • Ron Wesbecher I grind quinoa flour with my Vitamix. My husband and I are gluten free and make waffles with a quinoa flour mix. They are so good.
  • Liz Castroreale My daughter and I just tried quinoa for the first time, and we really liked it. We just started the GF diet because my daughter has an intolerance. I still am not sure exactly what to do with quinoa so this book could really help! Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Mary Hudak-Collins Cybele, not long ago I had purchased a box of quinoa cereal. We had not used it yet, and I was making ‘No Bake’ Oatmeal cookies when I realized I had no oatmeal. Having all of the ingredients poured out and ready to go, I substituted the Quinoa flakes for the oatmeal. The cookies turned out great!! I have been using it in recipes ever since. The cookbook review was wonderful and am going to check for it in our local bookstores.
  • Joy Poot I’m still learning to like quinoa, so I’d love to learn more ways to cook it and experiment with it. It’ll make my family more likely to eat it too.
  • Andrea Hoffman Duquette We love quinoa porridge in the morning. Dried fruit, nuts (those that can have them) and some vanilla soy milk. Yum!
  • Carolyn Bardales Yasharian I don’t have much experience with using it myself. I need to get on that, thank you for sharing some recipes. It’s one of those words that you want to pronounce just the way it looks, and that’s just what I had been doing a while back. You could imagine my surprise when I realized. It sounds so much more appetizing the right way 🙂
  • Kristin Troska I love the quinoa salad that my local coop makes!
  • Kristin Troska Hoping to win your book and convert my family and friends into QUINOA lovers.
  • Kimberly Corens although i love quinoa, it’s not my kids’ *favorite*…so i cut up organic apples or grapes and chop up raw organic spinach, mix it all together, and voila ! a dish that makes us all happy! 🙂
  • Homa Sayyar Woodrum I like quinoa as a base for tabbouleh!
  • Tricia Barry Biagi Quinoa is our family’s new favorite grain… great in a burger, burrito or stir fry!
  • JJenifer Grasha Wow, this book looks great! Never tried quinoa before- anytime I tried to get it, it always sold out at the grocer. The recipes you posted on your site look amazing and now I’m determined to try quinoa with your recipes. Thanks!
  • Laura Markham We love quinoa!
  • Barbara Palermo Never tried quinoa before! Thanks great giveaway!
  • Rebecca Glowiak Martindale I have been hearing so much good about quinoa but don’t know the first thing about preparing it so as of yet I have not attempted to to make anything with it but would love to!
  • Maria Angelov I “discovered” the quinoa recently, thanks to your Quinoa-Turkey meatloaf recipe which you shared prior to Thanksgiving last year. My son, who is allergic to pretty much everything and is a very picky eater, actually likes my modified versi…See More
  • Patricia O’Rourke Cummings love quinoa, Its so deceptively good for you- my favorite are blueberry/corn quinoa muffins, a great start to your day!
  • Jennifer Kirsch I make a quinoa and roasted corn recipe that can be served warm or cold for teacher appreciation lunches at my children’s school. Everyone enjoys it and a teacher who is gluten free whom I’ve never met always looks for it 🙂 I first discovered quinoa in an allergy free cookbook that I purchased to help give me yummy ideas for my daughter and the rest of the family to share together:)
  • Emily Jelassi i love quinoa but i’m new to it so i’ve only used it in a couple of recipes. by far, my favorite is in a tabbouleh salad…delicious! i’ve also used it in muffins and love it warm (kind of like oatmeal) on cold days.
  • Ron Wesbecher I grind quinoa into flour and mix it with potato and tapioca flours for a gluten free mix. It works well for waffles, pizza crusts
  • Nom Yum Free Just learned of quinoa as excellent protein source w my daughter’s allergies. I love it! In fact, the recipe I posted on my blog this past Mon. was for allergen free quinoa “rice” with stir-fry spinach and vegetables.

And the winner is…. Ron Wesbecher!  Please email me at and give me your mailing address so we can have your cookbook shipped out to you!


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    I hadn’t known about this cookbook! Another one for my Amazon wish list 🙂

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