Natural Antihistamines: 3 Foods that Fight Allergies


Natural Antihistamines Send Hay Fever Packing

Sneezing, sniffling, swollen, itchy-eyes got you down this month? If so, you’re far from alone. Mid-august marks the beginning of ragweed season, which lasts through October, and causes a whopping 36 million Americans to suffer the symptoms of “hay fever”, or allergic rhinitis.

Technically, this site is devoted to food allergy sufferers, but with seasonal allergies (not to mention mold!) in full swing, we’ve got a total of 50 million people suffering some kind of torment, four of them in my very own household. So instead of writing about foods to avoid this week, I’ve focussed on foods to include in your diet that can help reduce allergies. Food allergy sufferers, take note: I have not forsaken you! As seasonal allergies are said to exacerbate existing food allergies, this information should be helpful to you as well.

Both my sons are in hyper-allergic mode this summer, both to foods and to pollen. Consequently, there’s been a lot of unnatural drugging going on — of the Claritin, Alavert, Benadryl type. I’m not alone in this. Americans spend billions of dollars annually on antihistamines to treat symptoms of allergies. The problem with these over-the-counter antihistamines — aside from their obvious side effects of drowsiness, cloudy thinking, dry mouth, and for some, accelerated heart rate — is that they don’t stop the problem from happening in the first place, they just mask the symptoms for several hours.  But I need more than just a few hours reprieve, and as a desperate parent, sick of doping my children, I have turned for help to a natural alternative: foods that fight allergies. What a novel concept. EATING YOUR ANTIHISTAMINES.

So what are these super-foods? Well, lucky for you, most of them are available in abundance at your local green market or grocer.  For a change, East meets West on this topic, with both traditional western medicine and alternative health practitioners agreeing that nature’s top edible antihistamines are found in foods containing Vitamin C, and Quercetin (a powerful flavonoid, sometimes called bioflavonoid). Additionally, there is much evidence that eating foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids reduces allergic symptoms.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of nature’s great wonders. In addition to being a natural antihistamine, this water soluble vitamin has a multitude of other functions in the body. From being a powerful antioxidant fighting free radicals, to its role in the synthesis of collagen, it’s the vitamin we truly can’t live without.  Foods rich in Vitamin C should be eaten as soon as possible when fresh, as they lose their strength after being exposed to air, or being processed, boiled, or stored for long periods of time. Good food sources of Vitamin C are guavas, blackcurrants, red bell peppers, kale, parsley, green sweet peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, mango, watercress, cauliflower, red cabbage, strawberries, papayas, green and white cabbage, spinach, citrus fruits, elderberries, calf liver, turnips, peaches, asparagus, cantaloupe, cayenne pepper, green onions, new lima beans, black-eyed peas, green peas, radishes, raspberries, yellow summer squash, sweet potatoes, loganberries, tomatoes, new potatoes, lettuce, bananas, kiwi, honeydew, pineapple, cranberry juice, vegetable juice, tomato juice, rutabaga, and kohlrabi. That’s a whole lot of options to keep you eating your C!

2. Flavonoids

Flavonoids, such as Quercetin are a group of plant pigments that are largely responsible for the colors of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine that helps stabilize mast cells to prevent both the manufacture and release of histamine, as well as other allergic and inflammatory compounds. Good sources of Quercetin are citrus fruits, onions, garlic, apples, parsley, tea, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, legumes, berries, and wine (no bummer there!).

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are thought to reduce allergic reactions through their anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are found in such foods as cold-water fish (think salmon), and walnuts, but since this is a blog devoted to food allergy sufferers, I prefer to recommend you get your Omega-3s from less allergenic sources, such as hemp seeds, flax seed oil, canola oil, and grass-fed meat.

Many articles advise you to start loading up on your natural antihistamines six weeks prior to peak allergy season, but since many of us don’t know exactly what pollen or mold spores we’re allergic to, I advise trying to eat as much of these foods as possible, all year round.  Eating a diet rich in natural antihistamines can help prevent the allergic reactions from happening in the first place, thus reducing the need for the drugs, and making us all a little healthier and happier, not to mention less congested!

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  1. Lisa Angel says:

    This is great information, thanks Cybele I for one am a huge sufferer of airborne allergies. I’d also like to add that regular use of a neti pot has led to less dependence on over the counter drugs.

  2. This is a great post Cybele! Where does one find flax seed or flax seed oil? What’s more, how does one use it in food preparation? I hear so much about the health benefits of it but I have no clue about it’s use. Can you make some suggestions?

    • Morgan says:

      I believe you can find flax seed by the baking good in the grocery store. You can add them to anything. A lot of people put them in breads or pancakes/waffles/muffins, etc. But you can also add them to a casserole or stir fry. They are very little seeds and most people don’t even notice them. You can also use flax seed oil to cook with. It’s located by vegetable oil, olive oil, etc. Hope this helps!

      • the nutritionist says:

        Flax is very high in omega 3, a highly unstable oil; consequenty, it will turn into a trans fat when heated. Trans fats are linked to a host of degenerativ diseases so they must be avoided at all costs. It is okay to use fax seeds/oil on salads, as in cold dips and as a finishing oil once food has been cooked.

    • Marcy says:

      You can usually find flaxseeds in the bulk section of the grocery store. It is best to buy them as whole seeds then grind a little bit at a time since they can go rancid fairly quickly after grinded up. Whole seeds are not broken down in the body because of the extremely hard shell, so in order to get the benefits you need to grind them and then store them in a cool, dark place such as the freezer. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Bee says:

        Hi there.
        Some of the foods you have listed are actually laden WITH histamines (wine, tomatoes, spinach).
        Ever try and have a glass of red wine when stuffed up?

        Where did you get your information?

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  4. sarah lambert says:

    This is great info. I hope you don’t mind me reposting it on my facebook for friends and family to read.

  5. Angie says:

    I just wanted to add that ginger is a great natural anti-inflammatory and works well as an anti-histamine both for immediate relief, and even better if used regularly to prevent problems.

  6. Tina says:

    Thank you for this information. I have shared with it my Facebook friends, hope you don’t mind. My whole family, me included, suffer from allergies and asthma, so this is a great help! Thanks again!

    • Cordelia says:

      UnprocessedDark Chocolate is great for allergies and asthma. Xocai Healthy chocolate is Cold pressed and doesnt have artificial sweeteners, No refined sugars, gluten free, lactose free, no preservatives, no waxes. Mixed with Acai berry, Blue berry, and pure cane sugar.

  7. Lisa:

    Yes, I have heard great things about the Neti pot. My grandfather used to use a version of it from Switzerland every morning, and swore by it.



  8. Thanita:

    You can buy flax seeds and flax seed meal and flax seed oil at natural foods markets, and increasingly, flax seed meal can be found in the baking aisle at your local supermarket. Flax seeds can be sprinkled in salads and used in baked goods. Flax seed meal can by mixed into hot and cold cereals and used in baking. Flax seed oil should not be heated, as it is very delicate, so it’s great drizzled as a finishing touch over cooked dishes, or used in salad dressings. Hope that helps!


  9. Sarah, no that’s great, just hit the share buttons that apply at the bottom of the post and it will link up. Thanks!

  10. Angie:

    Ginger was a life saver for me when I was pregnant due to it’s anti-nausea properties. Good to know about it’s other benefits!



  11. Tina:

    As I said to Sarah, no problem! Just hit those share buttons at the bottom of the post and link away!


  12. Sarah E Meehan says:

    This is GREAT information, thank you, Cybele! I am so sick of taking Claritin. Seems that’s all I do all summer it be pollin or something else. I actually have a question.. Wheneever my brother or one other family member mows the lawn I sneeze like you would not beleive.. I always thought it was the grass alone that I am allergic to but that doesn’t make much sence, does it?

  13. Lisa M. says:

    How have these natural alternatives worked for your kids and have you totally abandoned the OTC drugs? I’m just wondering how much of the above you need to consume inorder for it to work.

  14. Tina Aurora says:

    Being an allergy sufferer myself (ragweed is in full swing here in Tampa now), I can relate to this post first-hand. I struggled through my pregnancies without taking any medicine and was miserable. When I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding I took Claritin which always worked, but left me feeling guilty about what else it might be doing. I saw Dr. Weil on Martha talking about Freeze-Dried Nettle and decided to try it. I was so discouraged when it (along with all the other herbal remedies I tried) did not work. It was only recently that I went to a nutritionist who told me I wasn’t taking enough. When I went to a mega dose, it worked like a charm. I started with 6 in the am and 6 in the pm. The next day I went down to 4 and 4. The next day 2 and 2. I take this dose now and have no problems with my symptoms. I’m so happy to have an alternative treatment that works as well as Claritin!

  15. Tina Aurora says:


    I use flax seeds as Cybele suggests, and also in smoothies! You wouldn’t believe how the flavor just disappears. You may notice there are two kinds of ground flax seeds you can buy; Flaxseed Meal and Golden Flaxseed Meal. The Golden variety has a much more mellow flavor. I add 1T to my baby’s morning cereal, and about 2 heaping T to my 5 year old’s smoothie. Since I like to have Omega 3’s coming at me from all directions, I also buy Shelled Hemp Seeds from the nutrition store. I toast them in a dry pan until they are golden and keep them in a container in the fridge to sprinkle on soup, salads and almost any prepared meal. They have a really nutty taste. To change things up a bit, I sometimes add chopped herbs such as parsley or cilantro and some zest (either lemon, lime or orange) and mix it all together. It’s a nice topping that makes your food seem fancy 🙂

  16. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why
    their is a problem in the first place

  17. My girlfriend is has some bad allergies and I’ve been doing some research about it. Thanks for putting this article together and sharing it with us.

  18. Alexander says:

    Way to go.’Eating your antihistamines’ ,was exactly what I was looking for.I am 46 years old and have been troubled with bouts of skin allergy (hives)for the past month.I want to try a diet to do away with this problem,and your article is what I need.Thanks.

  19. leanette says:

    Flax seed meal should be kept in the refrigerater – most good health food stores keep it chilled. As for good uses that do not deplete its beneficial effects – I put two tablespoons of ground flax seed, 1 quarter cup blueberrys and a little sweetner in a half cup plain yogurt – a great desert that is good for you too. For a good protein smoothie – try blending 1 apple, 2 tablespoons high protein whey, 2 tablespoons ground flax, a little sweetner if needed, 6 ice cubes and 4 oz water (more as needed) blend to a smoothie consistency and you have a great breakfast drink to share with a friend – but don’t store it – it begins to lose its beneficial effects after 15 min. I love to drink this for breakfast and lunch on warm summer days.

  20. gwen says:

    Sounds great except that the very foods you suggest above are the same ones causing my allergies…especially wine! I have to avoid oranges, spinich, chocolate, pineapple, bananna…other websites say these foods are high in histamines and should be avoided so I’m confused.

    • cybele says:

      Hi Gwen:

      These are recommendations for combatting seasonal/environmental allergies, not food allergies. If you are allergic to the above list of foods, please don’t eat them! Again, these are recs for seasonal allergy sufferers, not for food allergies.



      • Jonathan says:

        And then there are some of us, like me, who suffer both from seasonal allergies and food allergies, a number of them on your lists! (Sucks to be me, doesn’t it? 😉 )

        However, it’s also great to note that nature seems to have backups in that across the world there are similar foods to those listed in a hypo-allergenic form; they just take a bit of research to find. And not just nature does it: as an example, the Ambrosia apple, a relative newcomer to the orchard, is a godsend for those of us who love apples but are allergic to them.

        Thanks very much for this article, and your pleasantly lenthy and encompassing lists! I think it’s time for an early grocery trip…


  21. Faith van Dam says:

    Though the decision was made long before our lifetime to make gluten-containing products a dietary cornerstone for our species, it is within our power today to correct the error of our ancestors and reclaim the health we know we are capable of enjoying. As more studies address the effects gluten has on the body, the more we can see that gluten is not only unnecessary, but downright dangerous.
    From mild abdominal discomfort to life changing developmental issues, gluten has proven itself to be a powerful and negative force on the human body and mind. While we will never know what might have been had gluten never been introduced into our diet, we can and do know that a future with as little of this protein in it as possible is the surest way to reach our potential as a species.
    Everyone needs to make it a point to consider the role gluten has played in their own physical and mental health. Are there mysterious aches that never seem to fully go away? A depressed mood or difficulty concentrating that even prescription medication can’t soothe? Irregular bowel movements or persistent headaches that just can’t be fixed through over-the-counter remedies?
    The root of the issues could be gluten, one of the most dangerous elements we digest on a daily basis.

  22. jennifer says:

    I’m loving seeing that other people are becoming more aware of what they eat….. One point I wanted to bring up is that food allergies tend to feed “sensitivities.” There is info out there that suggests people with food allergies are often allergic to more than one food. But in actuality, you are most likely ingesting so many real toxins that body starts reacting to everything! Trust me. Your body was designed to digest an apple with ease. You need to completely detox, allow your gut to heal, and stay away from anything that has an “ingredients label.” If you can’t look at your food and know what all is in it, ya got no business eatin it 🙂

  23. Michael says:

    Cybele I wondered if you have had anyone complain of dermatographism a skin condition i just got maybe from a swimming pool. I wanted to know if you have come across this and found any treatments for it ?

    I already eat very healthy and have done for years but just looking for ways to avoid the drugs 🙁

    Any advice?

    • Matt says:

      I have a form of this too (cold urticaria) for about 13 years.

      Avoid tomato products, it has made a huge difference to the symptoms for me. If avoiding tomatoes doesn’t help, look at some Histamine Avoidance diets.

      Have you figured out what triggers your hives? In my case, it is cold friction (such as a cool breeze, contact with a cold surface etc). If you can find the trigger you can also try to avoid that.

  24. Cindy says:

    I have suffered from excessive post nasal drip for over 30 years. Actually it is post nasal flood! It is like a wall of thick fluid, honey consistency, that I have to cough constantly to break a hole in to speak. It is a real problem. I also live with IBS and cannot digest fiber of any kind. To that end I finally got a juicer so I can get the benefit of fresh fruit and vegs. It is great! I am now on a quest to find the relief through foods instead of drugs.
    You give a nice list of foods to get the anti-histamine effects from but how much is really needed in a day to actually make a serious dent in the honey wall in my throat?

    • gg says:

      you may have reflux like me.I just started generic brand of prilosec, pepcid and galvascon. I am now taking 2tsp with cup of water of appl cid vinegar 2 times a do. and do the medi pot for you nose. Take garlic, vitamin c, and omega3 fish oil for kids (small round ones that you can chew or swallow).no wine, no tomatoes etc.

    • jim says:

      ibs and the drip are both signs of NS allergies

  25. Matt says:

    I don’t think tomatoes or wine (fermentation & grapes) should be in this list as they contain high levels of histamine. I have chronic idiopathic cold urticaria and by avoiding just tomato products I can dramatically reduce symptoms. To eradicate symptoms I’d pretty much have to stop eating. The majority of foods have some level of histamine and cannot really be avoided, but removing the biggest offenders is incredibly effective. Check out some Histamine Avoidance diets for more information!

  26. Aura says:

    Great information on the anti-histamines! I reduced my intake to just VitaminC both supplement form and oranges, peaches, strawberries and bananas, plus Vitamin D and it works for me. Also, for you folks who suffer from indigestion, GERD, and heartburn, I finally found the solution for that life long problem was to simply give up ALL Dairy Products. I obtained almost immediate relief plus no more bloat or gas. I am lactose intolerant as are many, many others out there.

  27. ahmat ebida says:

    it is a good article but i am so medicine dependent that i can’t stop in addition my case of food allergies is very severe, specially during the raining season.
    moreover, i am allergic to most of the foods mentioned above.
    pleas if there is any way you can help me send it to me on my email.
    knowing that i depend on antihistamines which make me 5 times less intelligent and i work as a translator which needs a lot of concentration.
    if i continue this way i will soon loose my job.

    • gg says:

      take vitamin c, kids omega 3 fish oil small ones, garlic tablets. I am tired of being sick. I am on a bland diet with no seasoning. I know but i need to get well. been sick since sept-got sick from air cond at work and downhill i went. 7 drs and specialist and not feeling better. so now I am taking a vitaminc, garlic tabs, kids omega 3 fish oils pills, green tea no sug, for my nose the medi pot, for my reflux, pecid with galvascon at night, generic prilosec in am and during the day galvascon. i am doing 15 mins lite cardio a day. i lost 7 lbs in 1 week. i hope this works. i just started everything as far as the tabls yesterday. i am sick of claritin, zyrtec etc.none of it works..

      • Yvonne myers says:

        Hi your problems sound like what I was experiencing. I was sick with virus for 8 wks. I am so allergenic food and pollen all year long. I put away all 10 meds. My dr advised me to take 1 tsp locAl honey per day. I am allergy free. As for stomach upset I started drinking ginger tea twice a day it worked. Now if I get a bad or sudden attack I use Benadryl. Or if tummy gets upset I take extra strength famotodine and it works. One time I was sick with gastritis and had to juice and drink raw potatoe juice to get rid of that illness but it wasn’t so bad. I wish you well I know the feeling of being ill so long.

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  29. Ayesha says:

    Another couple of things are:

    Beta Glucan 1, 3, 6 – found in things like mushrooms, Brewers yeast, etc. Treats allergic rhinitis.

    I take a powdered shake called Alive!, which contains powdered forms of several different kinds of mushrooms, Bioflavenoids, and Omegas, plus numerous kinds of greens, fruits, and vegetables.

  30. Vince Bodie says:


    This is great info, thanks so much! As a lifelong allergy sufferer with a slight heart murmur, it’s good to find some solutions that won’t send my pulse racing (e.g. Sudafed).

    My only minor quibble is using canola oil. From what I’ve read it’s a genetically modified form of rapeseed oil, which undigestible.

    I’ll be watching your site more for sure. There’s lots of great stuff here and it’s really nice looking too.


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  32. T ED says:

    Very important to have complete blood work done for food allergies ,nightshade such as potato tomato eggplant can be awful allergies too that people least suspect & corn ,even green beans,we had to eliminate all beans , all grains, most dairy except homemade yoghurt used some spices such as tumeric for inflomation but all forms of peppers except peppercornscause problems as well because bell pepper , cayanne , Paprika and the like are from nightshades , sooth stomach with aloe vera .Endocopy reveal in a small chile eosiniphilla (body attacking self) damage did not occur until antiacids were given for gerd & reflux which can cause severe damage use bakeing soda to soak food to help cut acids ,Fda release in Feb 2012 dangers of even Pepto Bismol and all antiacid damageing people they had this child on all asthma meds Ssingular is the worst causes systemic problems & the antiacids will cause severe damage .Went on aloe juice ,cabbage, broccilli, asparagus , kale all the leafy greens .Allergies to oranges so used some diluted Braggs applecider vinegar, cut out all beans , take quality vitamins some contain things even in the capsule you can be allergic too, eat small amounts, some people juice which is good but you must get rid of grains ,all & nuts , I still use somee seed but grind them like pumpkin just plain baked & ground for digestion .So far so good knock on wood this child had irregular hear rhythems due tto all this stuff severe asthma, never showing reactions we could notice to food until she ate paprika on something then she got hives bad so ginger is a no for her, garlic, cooked onion a mild one is OK but strong smelling or tasteing food was doing damage also cut as much sugar as possible stevia liquid works for her or agave but just a little ,breads and starches for the most part add tons of sugar to you not just table sugar go with sea salt or no salt is good & you will see the pounds shed and relief she is off all meds only good multi vitamins, tumeric, aloe ocassionally to level out blood sugars use in small amounts or can give you the poops 1/4 cup in some good water works to heal the gut .It will take a long time to repair the damage to the leaky gut villa so a good probotic & fermented food like sour karaut , is good get rid of oil use coconut or if you can use grape seed or oregano is also good .Plants produce toxins too so read up on them as well sensitive people think & do eat them then to find they have autoimmune problems and bad health also rotate new foods ,things you have never eaten maybe like star fruit , or somethinhg mild but odd eat smaller meals & there is something about not eating meats with fruit that works as well use various spice thyme is good & rosemary oregano, parsley (small amounts) celantro use these in broths and soup boil up the bones to make broth & use small amount of meats & veggies to make soups to go easy on digestion .This year been able to get the 29% ee down to 0.05 , only one cold due to crazy weather which lasted only a few days, & no asthma attacks so far or passing out spell or joint pain plus add in some walking and sprinting or running to aleviate stress & you get your blood checked to see what your body is attacking , go off the meds when you can ASAP most in long term do m ore harm than good only go with God’s foods that can heal no processed anything & good to get off can foods as well some people are allergic & don’t know it to metals so I cook in cast iron or glass to get rid of nickel allergy .bakeing soda can have aluminum be carefull and get only the one without dilute a small amount with water can cut the acid along with a little aloe juice helped her a lot .All I know is soil where plants grow are trickey , pestiides really bad especially on apples ,if you can get organic at least make sure it not genetic altered food they really reak havock wheat, corn soy, even rice baeley, malts, even potatoes are so bad with this junk back since the 80’s so no wonder people have gut issue & allergies to ooutside & food s also if allergic to bees then skip honey ,try agave or stevia .Sugar is like a devil in disquise & salt so go light or cut out period cocoa occasionally is allowed for her so I melt add little coconut to make a cany type thing & she loves it but it’s a treat not a everyday thing.Growing your own in buckets, bags , even old pillow cases in a box outside can help then you know what you got to eat or hydrophonic gardens are reall good no pesticides good stuff buy local from farmers market & talk to them to see how they fetrilized & treated that’s important . that’s about it so far it’s working this childs been off aboout 10 hiigh does meds now since I have done this also get out get some sun for vitamin D & take quality D & omega 3 have B ‘s checked also magnesium, zinc are also low in lots of people .Processed food is not real food it’s high calorie food with little or no nuterients at all your body needs real nurishing foods to function properly.If you could stand the juiceing route the nutrients get to you better and easier to digest I do some juiceing but not that much bake boil or broil skip frying anything even french fried potatoes are the worst fot toxic things food changes with heat as you know so soups & more tender softer food or even raw chopped up a bit is easier on the stomach .It a git & brain connetion that triggers all sorts of problems from what you put in for your food & you have to work on it & explore this child ate all her veggies & meats her esophagus was perfect 4 years ago it was not unti akk the antiacids and asthma meds that got so bad with reflux then came all the food allergies due to leaky gut I bet so heal the gut & try to lose the meds they nearly killed her go back to nature , plant for fun with the kids or community , grow & heal even in apartments you can still grow some herbs and plants or start a community garden club instead of flowers you can’t eat plant one you can & foods for each season ,meet new neighbors , have get togethers with your new grown foods , share recieps an talk abooout things like how to help with things like this works better than shhut up inside plunking on a computer .Thanks for your time hope this can help someone else .Have a blessed day

  33. T ED says:

    Sorry my spelling looks awful here but this computer is a mess these days but I think most of you can get the idea .All I know is I trusted doctors to help this little girls biggest mistake we ever made .Then I realized she was getting worse not better with brain fog , passing out nearly dyeing, headaches, nausea, etc it was awful soon as I weened her off the asthma meds & espeially the anti acids and tried to balance her diet with brussel sprout, cabbage, celantro , bone broths , & even went into a are here that has never been sprayed & collected some dandelions soaked them boiled then pour off the juice & wate till water was less bitter then cooked them up to eat , I took a chance on outdoor foods I knew were pretty clean then recleaned in apple cider Bragg’s vinegar then a bit of bakeing soda to get rid of acids .She loved them & it was a good detox it seemed to work .this childs blood showed reactions to 32 out of 39 foods tested so I had to try and go back to nature to find something to help her so I read up on all I could about plants ,veggies, etc to see what was in them .Connect foods that had the same properties eliminated them got away fron cans & plastic as much as possible & gently soak & cook or eat raw simple foods .Try to balance the sugars in fruits , basicly low sugar fruits to start with berries were good wild blackberries,blueberries, but she was allergic to strawberries so they had to go .Bananas in smoothies with a veggie like kale , spinach, or other mild veggie & possibly a berrie or two make for a great smoothie with some home made or just plain yoghurt . Dry fruits in a frost free frezzer or dehydrator to make use of grapes before they spoil and other fruits to help save money .Fresh foods spoil so quickly so you can glass jar can them , ferment them, freeze them or dry them .I do this with fresh herbs if to many grow at one time too & grind them up .There is a place in Australia that is makeing banana flour to help those with Celia problems and digestive troubles you can bake with this and make a bread it does not taste like banana oddly enough & coconut flour work good .She is allergic to many nius but coconut was not one of them so I use the oil for cooking some things & grapeseed oil for salads ,olive oil is ok but at high temps can be somewhat toxic so only use on salads also avoid pimento’s in olives it’s also part of nightshade group not mentioned in some articles. The foods grown today are not the same as years ago potato, tomato ,corn, wheat, soy , even rice has all been tampered with from man so avoid them as much as you can . Heirloom seeds not hybredseeds are the ones to plant ,then you can salvage seeds from the plants or veggies dry and use them again to get good food ,hybred seeds are not good ,the original heirloom seeds are the ones you want for growing . instead of pretty flowers get you some grow lights or nice sunny window area & plant you some things indoors as well aloe plants the ones the juice is made from , grow pretty easy & good to have on hand all the time .Some catcus plants that are eatable also have heaaling properties I seen for my own self if they can heal a burn on the outside they sure can do it on the inside in less than 3 to 4 months this child’s burnt,scared , esophagus was showing great improvement and the enosiphill count was way down compared to the very high count. I prayed and asked God to please show me the way to help her ,seek and you shall find and so I did .I’m no doctor & I know each is different like a snowflake but find your sensitive area’s to strong foods, smells, even if you have to do one thing at a time .See how it makes you feel , if bad , headaches or upset stomach get rid of it and try again at a later time.This child loved peanut butter ,blood reacted at nearly a 10 high, to patatoes all kinds sweet, white, yams 14.9% really allergic and she was eating them nearly everyday since she was old enough to chew and eat them but no damage showed until the antiacids were added for bad acid reflux & gerd the asthma meds caused they have things in them too especially the inhailers that she was allergic too & soy was on the high side she had to drink soy formula as a baby because of the lactose intolerance which oddly enough has gone but now she is more allergic to soy & rice than wheat & many other grains barley, rye malt, etc .I found now after a year that buckwheat is not reacting it from a rhubarb family not a grain so much & she can now have that I only use it occasionally though .Squashes butternut, spagetti, all those baked with a little cinnamon is OK too the cinnamon is used very lightly and not a strong smelling one then I add a little agave to add a taste of sweet or pure maple syrup very little .It’s best to train your taste more to the sour side to keep the sugar craving down ,even pickles have something in the processing that reacts to some people with reflux but if you make them yourself & do away with the stor boough kind & their pickling ways thhey do OK.She has a very sensitive system so soaking even the greens helps a lot . She showed allergic to most everything outside but by eating mushrooms, dandelions, & some outside edible things that grow widl like clover , in the months when pollen is low , in small cleaned cooked portions she has been able to overcome the reactions and does not have the asthma attacks . I have an older granddaughter that made it to 20 years old that was just as bad as this girl nothing genetic they could find one day near spring she could not breathe nothing helped her so she called the resuw the guy thought she was hyperventalateing handed her a paper bag , she got up went in to the rig started fighting for breath they thought it was a eplictic seizure but gave her no oxygen a 5 minute trip to hospital no oxygen , finally cardic & respitoary arrest , then brain damage , coma , seisures from brain short circuiting , due to ignorance she has been anoxin brain damaged going into the second year her children know she is their mom , but she only lays or sits there , with a tear that falls sometimes being tube fed after months of being in a coma this is how it played out and she was a faithful useer of all asthma meds and her breathing machine after this I saw the same issuse that damage her showing up in her half sister I cchange what the older one did not know the offending foods the things that have the aspergillious molds 166 varities they are allergic severly too bronco pulminary aspergillious very bad form of astma guess what corn is cut with aspergillious niger mold to form the futrose most grains & beans get contaminated with it when stored before processing .She never relized the danger of high futrose corn syrup or aspertaine to the brain & gut & she loved fries & chips & root beer soda that put both in intensive care once for a week .SO do some exploreing about the alkaloids ,lectins, and other things in food usually the ones you love the most do not love you . If at all possible and you can find a lab close by take in the foods you eat & love & ask them to use sample from those particular one you eat & you will find your blood may not do well at all & cause the reaction of body attacking itself & damageing your organs .I still do not know all the things she could be allergic too there are just to many natural foods they said to check them all ., so they said elimanate them all which I have found is not the case at all for some reason had coconut tested several times it’s oK for her but ground or other tree nut with peanuts being the worst & almonds there were 2 others that showed no reaction at all ?? To be on the safe side I just use the coconut oil ,water, & some of the sugar & flour. If this helps it best to keep watch on urine PH & salvia as well some people that have digestive problems are not all high acid but in fact produce little of the digettive acid to process the nutrients but it still causes reflux I was told by someone like this & several others so balance, moderation, going slow but sure usually will improve or help / It took years to get this way so be patient it will take time to heal your body too & it’s best to not go back to junk food or man made processsed food . Wishing wellness and haling to you all I know how it is to suffer from things we ingest so explore the ingerdiants , connections , work out the puzzle & find the right fit for your system

  34. Clay says:

    Great Info. By the way, we built one of the first Salt Rooms in the USA, which can be amazing for allergy sufferers, as well. Look into Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy in case you haven’t already done so… Salt Therapy has greatly improved the quality of life for our daughter with asthma, as well as many others with respiratory/sinus problems. All NATURAL!!!

  35. mag says:

    I tried that diet for my allergies, it didnt help much, just a little. I just eat foods that my body does not react to, and stay away from foods that it reacts to. I take vitamins, and omega’s and exercise, eat decent, laugh, and live life as happy as i can…I also use natural antihistimines, and do the best i can…sometimes we just have to compromise. We only live one life…

  36. […] vitamina C Ã¨ considerata un vero e proprio antistaminico naturale. Oltre alla propria azione di antistaminico, la vitamina C […]

  37. […] vitamina C Ã¨ considerata un vero e proprio antistaminico naturale. Oltre alla propria azione di antistaminico, la vitamina C […]

  38. […] vitamina C Ã¨ considerata un vero e proprio antistaminico naturale. Oltre alla propria azione di antistaminico, la vitamina C […]

  39. Carolyn says:

    Moringa has not yet been mentioned here as yet. You might find it interesting to look up the work being done on this amazing tree. The leaves and root are extremely high in Vit. C and Vit A and it one of the few plants that contains all 9 essential amino acids as well as many important flavanoids and other trace minerals. Would like to hear if any others have had results with this plant?.

  40. […] vitamina C è considerata un vero e proprio antistaminico naturale. Oltre alla propria azione di antistaminico, la vitamina C […]

  41. pat pat says:

    Spice Island from most grocery herbs + spices (or, if you can pick fresh, that’s even better). Stock up and in the morning before eating anything, go through your jars, smelling them all, and cook with/steep/consume however the ones you think are the best at time. This can be the new medicine cabinet.

    Practice, and people will start calling you witch doctor. I don’t suffer from allergies, but I do suffer from histamines, and proper anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine goes a long way. I’m not a doctor, but these things go a long way- Tumeric (reported up to 80x more bio-availability when taken with Peppercorn), its cousin Ginger also amazing, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cardamon, and many others here.

    Then you have a variety of spicy peppers, which can quickly clear your sinuses right out! My favorite (also, I believe, increases bio-availability of Tumeric) is Red Pepper. Easy to find, some good but usually the cheap ones in the Mexican plastic/paper packages are mediocre.

    Fruits, vegetables, carbs: find the lists of GMO foods to avoid. Some things like apples, bananas, you can really get a bad deal out of it with GMO.

    Tea, you have Chamomile, Lavender, and lots of variety of green tea. My favorite are Oolong, Jasmine, and Yerba Mate.

    Vitamin C supplements are GREAT, so as long as they do not have lots of additive ingredients. Chances are, if you are buying your Vit C at Walmart, it’s not going to do you as good. What are the additives they are putting in?

    Also, your body wastes a lot of what’s given to it (especially Vitamin C), so (like the Neddle story) it is often necessary to take much more than the recommended daily serving.

    Taking lots of (not flush-free) niacin and flushing your skin red may help, too. Also good for migraines and fighting skin disease & overexposure to the sun.

    Lastly, this *bump* is for the Gluten issue. this is a very big, overlooked problem that is affecting us BADLY.

  42. Ben says:

    I’m really interested in natural antihistamines, and wondering if anyone has tried this supplement. My wife is thinking about using it because she has terrible allergies that don’t seem to go away. This is what she’s looking at BioticPerfect from NutraPerfect.

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  49. James says:

    I used to eat the dewberries (wild blackberries in our part of Texas) in the spring. Suddenly i started getting sneezing fits after eating them. I wonder if i am allergic to their seeds. So much for packing in their antioxidants.

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