Gluten Free Vegan Baked Cake Donuts


Donuts are the new cupcake. I’ve known this for awhile now. Just pop in to any popular bakery, and you’ll find an array of enticing donutty creations. In fact, donuts are now making starring appearances at birthday parties. I too have been known to stick a candle in a donut, and call it a celebration! But what do you do if you can’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy? Bake up a batch yourself, and watch them disappear. I created this recipe for my Food Allergy Recipe Challenge on Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Daily. These Gluten-Free, Vegan Donuts are downright delicious. My son Monte shoved one in his mouth and yelled, “awesome!” while spraying crumbs. They are also easy, scrumptious, and low-fat. What kind of donuts do you like best? Let me know by leaving a comment.