Allergy Friendly Friday 8/19/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


The highlight of the past week has been seeing new bloggers appear here at Allergy Friendly Friday, and visiting your sites.  I am thrilled to be introduced to all these new blogs!  I really encourage you all to click through the links as much as possible, because you’ll find a lot of people doing really cutting edge work in their kitchens (and on their farms!).   I lived on a small organic farm until I was 10, and it formed my predelection, at a young age, for fresh produce above all else. I later went to a farm school in Putney, Vermont where the students all worked the farm.  It was the single most important part of my teens, and is certainly the source of my work ethic today. See the pic above of students at Putney, collecting fresh eggs. My father still has a small farm in Western Massachussets, and I hope that even our brief visits there are helping to give my sons an appreciation for farm to table foods.  Kudos to you all who are farming your own food. Your kids will thank you! (more…)