Allergy Friendly Friday 5/20/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


I am thrilled to see how many people are linking up their allergy-friendly recipes on Allergy Friendly Friday!  I knew you were all out there, and I am so happy that we are building a real community of Allergy Free food bloggers here. Keep ’em coming!

With strawberry season in full blast, blueberry season beginning, and asparagus, and artichokes in full bloom, I think we should focus on Seasonal Farmers Market recipes this week.  Please link up your seasonal Allergy Free Farmers Market recipes or your Gluten Free Farmers Market recipes this week.  I too am focusing on fresh produce this month.  (Allergy-Free Hollandaise Sauce with Fresh Asparagus will be up on my  Food Allergy Recipe Challenge blog at Whole Living Daily on Tuesday, and see link below for my seasonal Allergy Free Strawberry Cupcakes).

Last week featured a whole lot of new bloggers!  Yay!  I noticed AFTER posting my last post about Sunflower Milk, (which will be followed next week by Sunflower Yogurt), that another blogger posted her lovely recipe for dairy-free yogurt on last week’s Allergy Friendly Friday.  So at the top of the list of featured recipes this week is:

There were others I’d love to have featured, but remember you have to link back from your post, for me to feature your recipe!  Please add your links for this week. Please link back to this post so you can share both your own and other’s fabulous allergy-friendly recipes. And remember, I specialize in creating gluten-free recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergens, but yours don’t have to be. They just have to be allergy-friendly in SOME way.


  • Please add only ONE post per blog.
  • Please LINK back to this post so that your readers can find ALL the recipes linked to here. This is a sharing page.
  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your homepage.
  • Recipes DO NOT have to be completely allergen-free, just ALLERGY-FRIENDLY in some way.
  • When you link, let us know who you are. For example, I might add allergy free strawberry cupcakes (cybele

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  2. Hi Cyble,

    I posted How to make 5 Jars of Spaghetti Sauce in 5 Minutes before I read that you wanted seasonal salads. I have a Roasted Asparagus and Artichoke Salad I don’t want to post 2 recipes. 😉


  3. Oh man, I did the same thing as Nancy. I linked before I read that you wanted seasonal recipes this week. How embarrassing! :/

    Your strawberry cupcakes look so yummy!

    I did post another recipe on my blog, Strawberry Ginger Rhubarb Crisp. That has several seasonal ingredients!

    I will be sure to read before linking from now on. 🙂

  4. Jill says:

    HI Cybele, I too did not see your request before I linked up! But the steak is divine! Thanks for featuring my yogurt!

  5. Celia says:

    Oops. I didn’t read about seasonal either. I suppose coconuts and lime are in season somewhere! Maybe? 🙂

  6. Homa says:

    I split a 25 lb. box of organic roma tomatoes with a friend this past week, I have been cooking and taking pictures but haven’t blogged about them yet so no links from me this time around! I did use Smitten Kitchen’s tomato sauce recipe ( which is SO GOOD, I put it on your pizza crust from the cookbook (though since we can’t use corn I use flaxseed meal at the bottom of the crust). I will have to get the pictures up on my blog soon, with the fresh sauce from scratch it was divine. My daughter had fun peeling the tomatoes and squeezing the seeds out. 🙂

  7. You all are making me feel much better!!! 🙂

  8. Iratxe says:


    Your strawberry cupcakes look AMAZINGGG!.


  9. Libby says:

    Cupcakes are ALWAYS in season, even if they don’t have lovely fresh strawberries!

    I lucked out on the theme, since I managed to squeeze half a farmers market into my pot of vegan, gluten free soup! Thanks as always for hosting, and thanks for mentioning my (also always seasonal) cookies!

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  11. Cybele says:

    Wow, am i behind. I went to SF for my bro’s 40th last friday, and am still catching up. Nancy, no worries!

  12. Cybele says:

    Tressa, maybe bananas are in season somewhere!

  13. Cybele says:

    Jill, steak is always seasonal, and if it’s local, it’s probably being sold at a farmers market somewhere near you!

  14. Cybele says:

    Celia, i’m sure coconuts are in season in Thailand! No worries!

  15. Cybele says:

    Yum, Homa!

  16. Cybele says:

    Iratxe, happy you like them! Can you give me a phonetic pronunciation of your great name?

  17. Cybele says:

    Like mine is “Sea Bell”

  18. Cybele says:

    Libby, nothing better than a farmers market pot of soup!

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