New Allergy Friendly Cooking iPad and iPhone application hits the market!


cook IT allergy free Review

cook IT allergy free

First, let me begin by saying how happy I am that Kim, who founded “cook IT allergy free” has launched this product. And let me follow by saying, I am a heel! I’ve been promising to review this great new app for almost a month.

It all began when I got excited because I saw somebody tweet about its approaching release.  I then tweeted to twitterland, having no idea who’d hear me, “WHO DID THIS?!” And Kim tweeted back, almost immediately, “I did!”  I was really impressed.   It’s such a challenge writing a cookbook (or even a recipe, sometimes),  I couldn’t imagine what enterprising person would take on such an extensive project. Creating an app, with literally hundreds of Gluten-free recipes, is no small task.  So this mother of a child with Celiac Disease needs, first and foremost, to be thanked for all her time and effort.

Kim also needs to be thanked for taking a marginalized type of food, and mainstreaming it.   Thank goodness for Kim, for advancing gluten-free (allergy-friendly) recipes into the modern age, with the most modern technology available.

Now about that technology.  Part of the reason it took me so long to write about this new app, is I got waylaid by my lack of iPad or iPhone.  Thankfully,  Kim has a firm grasp on current technology, and reminded me that I could use my iPod touch! After a few more false starts (my husband took it w/him out of town, I couldn’t figure out how to download directly onto touch, etc.), we finally got the app off  iTunes, onto my computer, and then onto my iPod.  I swear I was all set to review it then, but my husband once again left town with the iPod, this time to Seattle.  Important thing to note, about this app, steel away your i-pods, pads, and phones, and keep them to yourself! Right now, mine is sitting on the desk, directly in front of me. I am watching it like a hawk.

Now about this app.  It took me a few tries to figure out how to navigate, but that is only because I’m new to this. In fact, all of us are new to navigating recipes in this format, so hang in there, you’ll get the knack of it.  After a few stumbling attempts, I was cranking through the table of contents, and checking out the recipes.    Kim has compiled a very thorough collection, that will take you through the day, from breakfast to dinner, and anything in between.  The recipes are a solid sampling of comfort foods, and healthy fare.  It is an excellent resource for anyone with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. The recipes can also be tailored, with substitutions, to avoid other allergens, such as dairy, and eggs.   Of particular note, is the apps ability to save your customized recipes to your grocery list and recipe box. I love it when a recipe includes a shopping list!  Here, you can create one, for every single recipe, without writing down a single word. The app compiles it for you, and you just whip it out and let your fingers do the walking at the grocery store.  I also love that ones’ customized grocery list is organized by aisle.  I’m a sucker for order, and this app has it!  Check it out, it won’t disappoint. For more info, please visit cookITallergyfree.  And out of curiosity, have you used a recipe app before?  This was my first.  And a fun way to begin.  Thanks, Kim!

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  1. What a great resource!

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    ;I am impressed with the post. If you can do a youtube video for it. i would watch! 🙂

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