Allergy Friendly Friday 8/12/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


I just found this picture from a reader named Morgane Lucas McAllister, who made my chocolate cake and buttercream recipes for her son’s 2nd birthday. It made me smile, so I thought I’d share it.  She used a Wilton design from their website, and I think it’s adorable! (more…)

Allergy Free Energy Bars


I don’t know about you, but I could use some energy. And I’m not talking about the kind I get from the endless cupcakes and cookies I seem to consume. I’m talking about the kind of energy that comes in an Allergy Free Energy Bar packed full of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

The trick to creating an allergen-free (and refined sugar-free) energy bar is in replacing the ubiquitous nuts. Luckily, as you may already know, I’ve been on a “hemp kick“. Hemp and Flax are fantastic sources of protein and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. To further increase the protein content, I swapped the traditional oats for quinoa flakes (a complete protein, and gluten-free grain), and increased the nutritional profile by using iron-rich molasses in place of sugar or syrups. Dried apricots provide additional fiber, and the healthy complex carbohydrates one needs for balanced nutrition in combo with protein. Last, but certainly not least, coconut oil contains the healthy fats that all growing kids (and hard working adults) need for optimum health. Oh, and one more thing: I’d been looking for a fun way to use Enjoy Life’s fantastic new Granola (other than shoving it by handfuls into my mouth!). It was the perfect centerpiece to build this recipe around. I used Cinnamon Crunch, but you could just as easily use the Cranapple Crunch, or Very Berry Crunch.

Allergy-Free Energy Bars

(Gluten-Free and Nut-Free) Makes 12 bars

These nutritionally dense bars are perfect for breakfast, or an after-school (or camp!) snack. They are easy to make, and will satisfy your sweet craving, without any sugar. In the words of my husband’s Grandma Lily, “WCBB?” (“What could be bad?”)


"Free For All Cooking" Review and BOOK GIVEAWAY!


Free For All Cooking is the third cookbook by renowned gluten-free cooking teacher, Jules E. Dowler Shepard, who is also the brainchild behind Jules Gluten Free, a line of gluten-free flours and mixes.

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of the “Free-From” genre, and am a champion of those furthering its cause. As a member of a household representing food allergies and intolerances to gluten, wheat, tree nuts, dairy, shellfish, fish, kiwi, and formerly soy and eggs, I know how hard it can be to find recipes that are safe for all. So hats off to Jules for answering that call!