Allergy Friendly Friday 10/7/11


Allergy Friendly Friday


Our team in the Kitchen at the GF/AF EXPO Dallas: Chef Castano Penn, Chef Denise O’Dean SanFilippo, and Chef David Shaw

Last Friday, I traveled to Dallas for the Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo and Vendor Fair, which was a smashing success, with over 2000 visitors passing through the vendor fair, and all the cooking classes extremely well attended. I spent a good 10 hours baking and cooking in the kitchen you see pictured above, and quite literally never left the hotel once all weekend!  I walked through the doors at 4:00pm on Friday, and walked out at 1:00pm Sunday, got back in my rental car, and drove back to the airport. It was a great weekend, but a crying shame I never got to see a glimpse of the city, particularly since both my maternal grandparents were from Texas, albeit, Amarillo, which they always described as “dust-bowl”.

I had a wonderful time teaching my holiday cooking class on Sunday morning, with a rowdy bunch of Gluten-free Allergy-free folks at 9:00am. We ate sweet potato pie, and drank rum-spiked allergy-free egg nog, and a good time was had by all. I also met a lot of lovely new readers at the book table. It’s always so wonderful to meet people who I speak to online, in person… to put a face to the name.  I have another upcoming event I’d like to plug for a moment.

The FAAN Walk for Food Allergy in Los Angeles is coming up, on Sunday, October 23rd. Please join us if you are local. Sign up to walk here. I’m honorary Chair, and will be signing books (all proceeds go to FAAN). The Backbeats will be performing, and there will be a special appearance by a special person I can’t yet name.  But he’s special to the kids, and by kids I mean the little ones and the big ones.

It was kind of nice to go two weeks with Allergy Friendly Friday, because check out all the amazing  links!  A few highlights from last two weeks of Allergy Friendly Friday were:

Thank you so much for linking up so nicely. Please note that the name of this linky event is “Allergy Friendly Friday”. I see many listing it as “Allergy Free Friday”. That it is, but it’s also “FRIENDLY”.  As always, PLEASE remember you have to link back from your post, for me to feature your recipe. WITH A HYPERLINK THAT LINKS BACK HERE.  Please add your links for this week. Please link back to this post so you can share both your own and other’s fabulous allergy-friendly recipes. Am I repeating myself? 🙂 And remember, I specialize in creating gluten-free recipes that are free of the top 8 food allergens, but yours don’t have to be. They just have to be allergy-friendly in SOME way.


  • Please add only ONE post per blog.
  • Please LINK back to this post so that your readers can find ALL the recipes linked to here. This is a sharing page.
  • Link to your individual recipe post, NOT your homepage.
  • Recipes DO NOT have to be completely allergen-free, just ALLERGY-FRIENDLY in some way.
  • When you link, let us know who you are. For example, I might add  old fashioned gingersnaps (cybele

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  1. That is so sweet to actually take into consideration of others who enjoy these sweets as well, but can’t because of evil allergies > : (

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  3. Yadira says:

    I have a question Cybele regarding a recipe in your cookbook “The Allergen Free Bakers Handbook”. I want to make the Buttermilk Raisin bread but my little guy is allergic to citrus and I don’t have any molasses on hand. Would substituting apple cider vinegar for the lemon and maple syrup for the molasses work? I am really looking forward to trying some of these recipes for my little guys with allergies. Thank you!

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  5. Thanks for featuring my smoothie! I really does taste just like an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – only a lot healthier. No sugar needed because of the sweet apple and banana. Yum! Maybe I’ll make one for dinner 😉

  6. Thanks for the feature! I love to see what everyone can do without allergens. It is really amazing.

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  8. Posted Carrot Cake Omega Blast Balls this week. They’re gluten free (if you use cross-contaminant free oats/oat flour), oil free, refined sugar free, flourless, and loaded with Omega 3’s! Almond meal or even coconut flour can be used instead of almond meal for nut sensitive people. Enjoy!

  9. Thank you so much for hosting! I shared a Tomato Basil “Pizza” w/ Cauliflower Crust. This is a fabulous grain-free version of “pizza”. Thanks again 🙂

  10. Maggie says:

    Hy Cybele – I thought I’d link up for the first time!!!! I’m bringing my Pumpkin Pie Smoothie to the party 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

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  12. That GF/AF Expo must have been wonderful. I’d love to make it next year. Today I’ve linked a gluten-free, casein-free, low-carb Shrimp Stir-fry with Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Spinach. It’s also egg-free, nut-free, sugar-free and can be soy-free, too.

  13. Yadira says:

    Sorry to post another question again, but I need some help. I am going to make your “Buttermilk” Raisin Bread, but the recipe says to mix the rapid rise yeast with the wet ingredients. I was under the impression that you are not to proof rapid rise yeast and you are just to add it to the dry ingredients. I just want to make sure I do this correctly before I start the process. Thanks so much. So sorry to keep asking questions.

  14. Erin says:

    Hi Cybele,
    Missed you last week! Looks like you had fun at the expo though. I’ve been making things for my kiddos’ lunchboxes and am sharing my almond butter balls this week. I notice someone posted some carrot cake balls, too. I think that might be next on my list of lunchbox goodies to try! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  15. Dear “Buy Cookies Online”, thanks! Do you buy allergy-friendly cookies? Just curious? Or sell them?



  16. Dear Yadira:

    Yes, you can substitute cider vinegar for citrus. I would rec Honey, if you are out of Molasses, as it’s the same consistency. Maple syrup is thinner. But it would be ok too. Hope that helps!


  17. Veggie V: I loved that smoothie recipe!

  18. Marnie, i first discovered Biscoff last year at the Fancy Foods Show. I was amazed by it! Thanks for your lovely recipe link.


  19. Veggie V:

    Carrot cake is one of my favorites. You should write a book of sweets that are inspired by other sweets. THe metamorphosis of baked goods. It’s a cool concept. The oatmeal cookies in smoothie form, the carrot cake in ball form, etc. I think it would sell.

    all best,

  20. Emily, awesome concept! My 7 year old son Monte asked me the other day “what do you call chicken with cauliflower and broccoli?”. I said, “what?”. He said “Chicken Caulibrocci” I think your dish is “Tomato Pizzacauli”!

  21. HI Maggie! Nice to see your face on here. I see a running theme going on here, that I’m liking a lot. Maybe I’ll do a round up, and start featuring all your re-imagined baked goods. I love the concept of pumpkin pie smooth.

    I’ll be running a pumpkin pie cocktail for halloween to, folks!

    all best,


  22. Hi Pat;

    Thanks for your link! FYI, the GF/AF expo is going to start taking place in other cities around the county, and if you go to the link above, you can actually vote about where it will be appearing, if you want to put in a request to have one closer to you!

    all best,


  23. Hi Yadira:

    No problem, ask away. SOmetimes that is true with rapid rise yeast, sometimes it isn’t. For these recipes, do them as written and they will turn out for you. Because they are gluten-free, and allergy-free, the process might be a little different than what you’re used to with traditional baked goods. But please trust that I’ve tested all these recipes over and over, and they work beautifully, if followed as written.

    Hope you enjoy the bread.

    all best,


  24. Hey Erin:

    Thanks for the balls. I think I’m going to have to repost my sunbutter balls, just so I’m part of the gang here.

    all best,


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  26. Yadira says:

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. LOVING your book. I feel like I finally found a book that works for my highly allergic kids! Thank you for taking the time to write it and to test out all the recipes. Throughly enjoying it. Now, to go make that buttermilk raisin brad. 🙂

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  29. Hey Cybele!–Darn it, I missed last week. Thanks so much for highlighting my pizza muffins! I’ve been on a pizza “roll” of late. Hmmm, that sounds like another recipe that needs to be made. 😉


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