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Several moths ago, I was sent some coupons from Tempt Living Harvest.  Tempt is a line of Hemp based products, from a company out of Portland, OR (one of my favorite cities in the whole world!). I was excited about the opportunity to sample this line for several reasons. First, when my husband was on tour with his show RENT, traveling around the country, he relied on a daily shake made from TEMPT original protein powder to get him through the day.  This really did happen before I was sent free coupons!  

So they sent me the coupons, and then I forgot about them for a few weeks, was traveling, and am now finally writing my review.  I was able to find the chocolate hemp milk, the original hemp milk, the hemp “ice creams” and the protein powders.  I was not able to find their hemp oil, which I was really disappointed about!  C’mon Whole Foods, get up to speed!

First, a little bit about this line.  This is a line of dairy-free, soy-free vegan products that are also nut-free, and peanut-free.  Please check the ingredients labels for manufacturing conditions to decide whether this product is safe for you or your family. One of the coolest things about this environmentally sustainable product line is that they use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin. I love that such an ingredient now exists for the soy allergic and soy avoiders.  How cool, right?

Now, on to flavor.   What I love… I love these “ice creams”. They are smooth, with fantastic flavor.  There is not a hint of ropey hempiness in them. They have everything an ice cream should, indulgent creaminess, and that “yum” feel as they melt in your mouth.  My son Monte, who can’t eat dairy, was literally in love with the Chocolate Fudge. He said, “It’s frickin’ awesome!”  That’s probably not appropriate language for a six year old, but it’s better than the alternative, right?

I really liked the Mint Chip as well.  It’s light and refreshing, and I could probably eat the whole container pretty easily in one sitting, because hemp products have the perfect ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids, making this frozen dessert, almost a “Health Food”!

While I liked the Vanilla Spice protein powder, I actually prefer the less sweet Original. It has a more neutral flavor and blends well with fruit. The Vanilla Spice has a distinct flavor, which is good, but pronounced.

My kids liked the Chocolate Hemp Milk, but not the original.  I don’t think I’d drink it straight either, but it’s certainly great for baking with. It’s a protein-rich vegan milk for all your baking needs. It is also great in your smoothie along with the Original Hemp Protein powder, and a banana.

I am still hoping to find that Hemp Oil, and the Coconut Lime Frozen Dessert.  Until then…. Happy hemp!  What are your favorite non-dairy products? Do you use soy, or rice, or hemp?  What do you pour on your cereal? I’d really love to know.

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  2. Karen says:

    I like the Tempt products and I alternate between them and coconut with some almond milk. I try to change it up so I don’t over rely on any one product. For smoothies, either tempt or coconut. For baking, it depends on what I’m making.

  3. Karen, I love coconut milk. Do you use the So Delicious?

  4. Dana says:

    I am all about the So Delicious original coconut milk, the creamer and the ice creams. So good! I like soy, but drink it sparingly. I think I’ll look for the hemp products next. Only thing I’ve tried is a different brand’s protein powder and my kids gave it a huge “no!” So, on to the next thing….

  5. Geanna says:

    I made some GF/vegan ice cream sandwiches this past summer, and Tempt ice cream was the perfect “filler”. It stayed solid and tasted great between two cookies. Yum!

  6. Monica says:

    Thanks for the new info Cybele! I have a 3 yr old who is allergic to dairy, egg, peanut, soy, wheat, barley, mustard. We use Trader Joes Original Rice Milk for just about everything. And we LOVE So Delicious coconut products. Especially the icecream. He loves the chocolate with Enjoy Life chips mixed in. It would be great to have an allergy free chocolate syrup.. I am noticing that more of So Delicious prodcuts are becoming available in regular grocery stores which is making our life a little easier.

  7. Yes, Monica, a chocolate syrup would be yummy. There’s the Santa Cruz…. can you use this? http://www.scojuice.com/products/dessert_toppings/chocolate_syrup

  8. Dana, I love the So Delicious Coconut milk, and the yogurts. Also love the ice cream. THe creamer has a weird mouth feel for me. But so does all creamer!! So i think it’s just me!

  9. Geanna, good tip on the ice cream sandwiches! Yum!

  10. Tina says:

    Thanks for the info! Having a dairy intolerance makes it difficult to drink milk and especially eat ice cream – and I’m not that fond of soy. So I definitely will have to try these products. Will have to be careful about the chocolate ice cream, though, — high sugar content!

  11. Nora says:

    We have been using Temp hempmilk since we first found out my son was allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. My kids will drink a half original and half vanilla flavored combination of the hempmilk. Thanks for letting us know about the other products they make. We will definitely be on the search to try the ice cream.

  12. Nora,good idea to mix them. i’ll try that too.

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